Vehicle Emergency Survival Kit for Traveling

Vehicle Emergency Survival Kit for Traveling

Vehicle Emergency Survival Kit

2017 – It appears the world has become a much more dangerous place, maybe even more so than during the Cold War of the last century. North Korea is threatening the U.S. and our allies with nuclear war. North Korea alone would not be such a real threat, but just which countries might back this regime? There is China, Russia, and perhaps Iran, this could mean trouble for all of us.

Witness hurricanes Katrina and Harvey, serious emergencies ignored by many folks who were unprepared and did not heed the warnings to get out of the way. Can you imagine being out of water and food, trapped on top of your home for maybe days at a time?

Survival Kit Gear – You Need in 2017

One thing for certain, in the event of a major storm or war, being able to get into your well-prepared vehicle and head to safety should be on everybody’s mind.

Everybody who owns a vehicle ought to prepare a survival package to have with them at all times when traveling. This is particularly important for anybody who will be traveling to remote locations. Don’t forget, even a short drive into town could an emergency situation could come up and a survival kit would be handy. Better to be prepared at all times.

Survival Kit – Make or Purchase

It is easy to make your very own survival bag in your home, be sure to do the necessary research. Many items that are needed could be purchased at the super market or a hardware store. Also, there are websites that with goods for sale as well as some guide lines.

Buying a prepared survival kit will save some time, but, you will still need to research what the items are and how to use them. You will need to take a few moments to look over the items in the survival kit. It may be necessary to customize a purchased kit to suit your individual requirements.

It is necessary to have a flashlight and batteries in your survival package. packing additional clothing is a good idea just in case. Do not forget to add a warm blanket. Water resistant matches and a few candles are likewise an exceptionally good idea.
Best Vehicles for an emergency

In case you are stranded in snow country, keeping a little can in your survival kit to use for melting snow, this will come in handy for drinking water. Roadway flares, jumper cables, and a little shovel and perhaps a small pick-ax are important tools to have as well. Be sure to have a small stash of tools, such as a hammer, screwdriver, and adjustable wrench.

A penknife or survival knife can be among the most versatile items to keep with you at all times in your pocket. Again, discover how to use all of the functions in this particular tool.

Keep a little supply of trail mix, energy bars, and bottled water in the car. These will provide valuable nutrition to lengthen survival until you can get the aid you need.

Extra hats and gloves can assist keep you warm and dry in an emergency. This product can assist you to get the traction you require on the snow and ice.


Think about keeping a crank-style mobile phone charger in your vehicle emergency situation survival kit. This item might make it possible to charge your cell phone and call for assistance in case of an emergency.

No one ever wants to utilize a vehicle emergency survival packet, however, it can save your life.

Think about practicing a mock emergency situation to revitalize your memory on how to utilize some of the items in the set.

It is a good idea to prepare a plan of action for some of the more common emergency situations like roadside break down. Even being stuck in traffic in bad conditions such has extreme heat or cold, knowing what to do will be helpful.

Do your research and be prepared!

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