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Food Storage – What are your reasons – or not?

Food Storage is important in this economy:

Why food storage is a good reason for prepping. and how it may affect your future.
Is food storage in the plans when SHTF?

I am married to a wonderful wife of more than 30 years, we have had many ups and downs, disagreements and heated arguments, food storage being one of these discussions – and we have both been very frustrated at times.

Well, when I decided in 2009 to begin a food storage regimen, she was happy I had made that decision – to a point – she did not agree with me why we needed to store food. She just could not believe that anything more than inflation would be the problem – so, when we talked about the economy possibly collapsing and people losing their homes and going hungry and looking for “other peoples’ food to eat, well, she thought I was “fear mongering“.

With that being said – she is happy having the food, but, she just does not want to talk about it!

I fully believed our country was heading in the wrong direction economically and that inflation would be setting in going forward. Since I had started storing food early on, the prices have risen greatly since then. Fortunately, I started early enough to acquire a pretty good supply of canned goods, bottled water, and some rice, beans and powdered milk.

There are many different reasons why some people will not store food, some are like my wife who says “I cannot live daily in fear”, my opinion is that if you are somewhat prepared, that alone should eliminate much fear. Of course not all potential situations can be foreseen.

Churches do what they can to help in emergency situations, but they are limited by their own supply, and I believe that the people in charge of that food will be sure that they and their families are cared for first – in my opinion,  it is only right.

Then there are the people that believe they have a right to other peoples food, like the child who will move in with their parents, or, the parents who will move in with their children.

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Hurricane Isaac Heroes & Lessons Learned

Hurricane Isaac Heroes & Lessons Learned

hurricane Isaac - its heroes and lessons learned
hurricane Isaac – its heroes and lessons learned

This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com

Welcome to this week’s survival and preparedness newsletter, brought to you by UrbanDisasterWaterPurification.com, my ever popular book on water purification for wilderness AND urban survival situations.  Previously only available as a part of my “Ultimate Survival Package” it’s now available as a standalone book at a great price for a limited time.  To get yours now, go to UrbanDisasterWaterPurification.com.

Survival Diva here. Our hearts go out to those in the Gulf Coast who are recovering in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac  while battling triple-digit temperatures without air-conditioning. More than 100,000 residents in the Gulf Coast remain without power one week after Hurricane Isaac, and close to 2,800 are in shelters in Louisiana and Mississippi. Although Florida didn’t receive the press it should have, the residents there were hard hit with heavy rains and devastating damages.

It doesn’t seem fair that New Orleans has to go through another deluge just seven years after Katrina. Reports are still coming in as people struggle with power outages and must scramble for basic necessities. So far there have been four deaths reported in Louisiana and Mississippi that were said to be related to Hurricane Isaac.

**David’s Note:  I have several relatives in New Orleans and, while I feel sorry that they got hit by another hurricane, both I and they realize that they DO live in hurricane country in a city that is below sea level.  That’s just part of the equation that they’ve chosen to live with.  We’ve got to expect that wildfires will happen in dry areas, earthquakes will occur along fault lines, hurricanes will happen in hurricane country, flooding will occur along rivers and low lying areas, tornadoes will happen in the Midwest, people living at the bottom of cliffs will be affected by mud/rock slides, etc.  That doesn’t make the devastation or outpouring of assistance any less, but people SHOULD expect whatever disasters their area is prone to, plan accordingly, and expect to be affected eventually, if not regularly.**

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In addition to food – another first priority – water

Water, very important:

When in a survival situation, here are some points of interest.

Check your urine, the darker the color, the more dehydrated you are. Until you have secured a good source of water, avoid eating. When you do find water, do not ration it, drink as much as you can.

The search for water

Finding water in the cool of the morning is better, bacteria multiplies slower than in a warmer climate

What are 4 basic emergency supplies?

What are 4 basic emergency supplies?

In case of a disaster emergency and/or a civil or economic breakdown, there are 4 major needs for survival – food, water, medical supplies and shelter.

“Survival is merely a question
of knowing where the dangers
are and how to recognize them,
and how to take advantage of
the resources offered by the country.”
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

How to Stay Alive in the Woods: A Complete Guide to Food, Shelter and Self-Preservation Anywhere

Emergency food and water are at the top of my list to have stored away. Others may opt for guns and bullets – very important, but I would think that a gun and bullets would be on or near your person at all times and will travel with you nearly everywhere you go.

Silver and Gold – of lesser importance since food and water may be more valuable over time. Paper money will be of little use.

So, I will start this little research journey by finding the best information I can concerning emergency food supplies.

Food Supplies and Storage

Food, probably the most important, at this time is plentiful most everywhere you go in the US. But, that could change over night.

The Wall Street Occupiers were trying to shut down all of the west coast shipping ports this summer and late fall, causing shipping to be re-routed to other ports. They may have been trying the same on the east coast.

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