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Emergency Survival Skills in the Wilderness

 Emergency Survival Skills Wilderness

Generally, there will be just a couple of factors to think about while deciding your upcoming camping, hunting, or backpacking excursion. By simply being geared up, you have pretty much carried out your role to see to it that your outing proceeds properly, enabling you to experience nature without any trouble.

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At some time during a person’s lifetime, they start to ponder just what they might do were they to end up being lost while in the woods. In place of simply wondering, you might do your bit via studying a couple of Emergency Survival Skills abilities.

Well before you actually land into an unexpected predicament in the wild, it’s critical to take inventory of just what you have knowledge of and complete any holes within your fundamental survival abilities. Even though maneuvering around your weak spots and know-how voids may be carried out when matters are proceeding well. It’s a lot more difficult to do this anytime you are really lost, stranded, or during any other difficulty and could not reach out for assistance immediately.

When they imagine themselves trapped in the wilderness is the issue of food, one of the first things people think of. Though throughout many different environments it’s quick and easy to scour for a variety of nourishing vegetations, florals, berries, mushrooms, and also nuts. In case you aim on hunting this particular way, it is actually a pretty good plan to carry a field guidebook.

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You can easily be taught the benefits of loading intelligently in case locating food found in the wilderness isn’t your strong suit. Another one of the ideal backwoods survival skill-sets happens to be the fine art of preparing a survival backpack having all the things you require in a fashion which will not end with you ferrying around a weighty pack the whole journey. Using the discovery of freeze dried as well as dehydrated dishes, it’s convenient to tote lightweight, simple to create meals anywhere you journey.

Yet another frequent concern when it comes down to backwoods survival, what might you do were you to end up being hurt and caught in the wild. Standard first aid supplies frequently include bandages, disinfectant, antibiotics, as well as additional necessities, while far more complicated first aid kits consist of everything from tourniquets and even syringes to wound irrigation units. It’s likewise a smart idea to supply your first aid pack with additional dosages of any medicine you might be on, merely in order to be risk-free.

Having this in mind, having a top-notch First Aid kit, you could perform amazing things for maintaining oneself or another person stabilized and comfy up until assistance shows up.

Naturally, seeing your path through the woods is among the very most vital backwoods survival abilities. Marking routes, recollecting landmarks, removing thicket, along with carrying out additional methods to manage yourself from ending up being switched about is a vital part of engaging with the wild. That is the reason why compasses, charts, torches, as well as emergency flares are most common things to load for any kind of prolonged outdoor camping or exploring journey.

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Preserving Food for Survival

Preserving food for survival – a news letter

Preserving Food for Survival
Emergency preservation and storage of food for when SHTF

This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com

(1st of a 2 part series)

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by David’s often imitated, but never duplicated Urban Disaster Water Purification report (Only $7 this week).  In it, you’ll learn how to take the nastiest water (even urine and sewage) and make it purer than freshly fallen Arctic snow using both store bought purifiers AND everyday, ordinary items that you will find lying around after a disaster.  Don’t fool yourself by thinking that a simple backpacking water filter will purify water that you’ll find in a town or city–urban water purification is a completely different ballgame and you can learn how to quickly and easily purify almost any water by getting the report >HERE< now.

To continue reading the Christian novel, Implant, about a plot to use mandatory implanted RFID chips to control the American population, click here for chapter five.

*   *  *

Survival Diva here with part one of a two-part series on preserving food in a grid-down, SHTF scenario. Next week, we’ll get into smokehouses and curing wild game and fish.

A preparedness plan should always include the ability to preserve foods through one of many methods, including root cellars, hot beds, cold rooms, zeer clay pots, food dehydration and home canning.

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Food Storage – What are your reasons – or not?

Food Storage is important in this economy:

Why food storage is a good reason for prepping. and how it may affect your future.
Is food storage in the plans when SHTF?

I am married to a wonderful wife of more than 30 years, we have had many ups and downs, disagreements and heated arguments, food storage being one of these discussions – and we have both been very frustrated at times.

Well, when I decided in 2009 to begin a food storage regimen, she was happy I had made that decision – to a point – she did not agree with me why we needed to store food. She just could not believe that anything more than inflation would be the problem – so, when we talked about the economy possibly collapsing and people losing their homes and going hungry and looking for “other peoples’ food to eat, well, she thought I was “fear mongering“.

With that being said – she is happy having the food, but, she just does not want to talk about it!

I fully believed our country was heading in the wrong direction economically and that inflation would be setting in going forward. Since I had started storing food early on, the prices have risen greatly since then. Fortunately, I started early enough to acquire a pretty good supply of canned goods, bottled water, and some rice, beans and powdered milk.

There are many different reasons why some people will not store food, some are like my wife who says “I cannot live daily in fear”, my opinion is that if you are somewhat prepared, that alone should eliminate much fear. Of course not all potential situations can be foreseen.

Churches do what they can to help in emergency situations, but they are limited by their own supply, and I believe that the people in charge of that food will be sure that they and their families are cared for first – in my opinion,  it is only right.

Then there are the people that believe they have a right to other peoples food, like the child who will move in with their parents, or, the parents who will move in with their children.

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Survival Cheese and Survival Bread

Survival Cheese and Survival Bread

How to prepare survival cheese and bread for the coming collapse
How to store survival cheese and bread

This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com

Is Survival REALLY Survival without Cheese and Homemade Bread?

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by Free Survival Cheat Sheets.com, a set of quick, actionable, and free preparedness and survival tips and tricks from the The Fastest Way To Prepare course.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the fundraising sale for victims and first responders helping with Sandy recovery efforts.  I’m glad to say that I rounded up the amount raised and sent $1,000 to The Church At The Gateway on Staten Island earlier this week.  If you participated, thank you.

If you’re not in the habit of coming back to the site every day, it would be a smart idea.  We’re posting a handfull of preparedness oriented news links, tactics, and techniques that we find valuable every day.

Survival Diva here to continue our discussion of how to store unrefrigerated staples. Having been brought up on an Alaskan homestead with no electricity or running water, self-sufficiency was ingrained in me at an early age, but even so, when I started serious prepping many years ago I had a difficult time figuring out how to safely store cheese and sourdough without refrigeration.

For the Love of Cheese

The first dilemma I tackled was how to avoid buying powdered cheese and still be able to store cheese for 23 people, long-term, without refrigeration. I searched off and on for months for a solution, and when I finally discovered the answer, it was amazingly simple. Like most food-related prepping dilemmas, our forefathers had already addressed the issue successfully for centuries, but sadly much of the information has been lost. Luckily, it turned out I didn’t have to look that far back. Today, Europeans still buy their cheese from food vendors that literally hang it, unrefrigerated, from the rafters. When they bring it home, it’s not always to tuck it safely away in a refrigerator. Many times the cheese remains unrefrigerated until it is consumed.

So, how do modern Europeans and our forefathers safely consume unrefrigerated cheese? The answer is to coat it with cheese wax! I could write a two-page exposé on how to coat cheese with cheese wax and store it safely for years (some claim 20 years or more). But if you’re anything like me, visuals help…a lot! It will give you the confidence you need to brave eating it yourself or serving it to loved ones without fear. I have stored cheese for many years, unrefrigerated, and have eaten it without any ill-effects. In fact, cheese will continue to age in its preserved state, so if you like a cheddar with a bite to it, you’re going to love this approach of preserving a staple few of us would want to be without. Here’s the best YouTube video I’ve found on preserving cheese, provided by katzcradul

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Top Barter Items For Survival Situations

Top Barter Items For Survival Situations


Barter items for survival food when the SHTF
What barter items are important enough to others that they would give up food?


This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com


Survival Diva here to discuss an important, life-saving tactic that too many Preppers leave out of their preparedness plan. We may think we have everything covered for survival, but what if we’ve prepared for six months or a year when a crisis comes that lingers for years? Few of us have the resources to put three, four, or five years of food storage and preparedness goods aside, but depending upon the emergency, we may need to figure out how to make it through a breakdown in infrastructure lasting that long.

As David has said before, the “stuff” that you store up is only there to help you get from one predictable source of provisions to the next.  It won’t last forever, but it will give you time to figure out or set up sustainable solutions.

One of the most obvious choices for developing a sustainable food supply is through gardening…specifically with heirloom seed that can be dried and used season after season. In my opinion heirloom seed is imperative for long term survival. We will need a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits to combat appetite fatigue and for good health, especially when food storage begins to dwindle. If you can afford the cost, adding heirloom seed to your bartering goods stash will give you plenty of bartering leverage.

But that’s just the beginning…there’s always more when it comes to prepping. The truth is there is no possible way to plan for every emergency. To do that we would need to be clairvoyant, able to see in the future of what our needs will be at every juncture. In the real world the very best we can do is to get ready for the most likely calamities and be prepared to barter for the rest.

Bartering doesn’t have to involve food and preparedness goods, although survival-specific goods will be invaluable during a prolonged crisis. Bartering can just as easily involve skills. For instance, I purchased an antique treadle sewing machine that operates by a foot pedal and does not require electricity to run.  I plan to take on sewing projects, and have made that known to folks in my small community who are Preppers.  A nearby neighbor has taken up blacksmithing in preparation for grid-down that will allow him to barter for what he needs during a long-term crisis. Hunting, fishing, carpentry, home canning, farming/gardening, auto repair, small engine repair, welding, plumbing, blade sharpening, cooking, taking in laundry, midwifery, wood gathering & splitting, wild game processing and curing,  medical, dentistry, veterinary, chemist, teaching, babysitting, ice making, water purification, beekeeping, and tactical/protection skills are others that will be in huge demand when the going gets tough.

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Top 50 Preparedness Items (and why)

The Top 50 Preparedness Items (and why)

What are the top 50 preparedness items - and why
The top 50 preparedness items

This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by Free Survival Cheat Sheets.com, a set of quick, actionable, and free preparedness and survival tips and tricks from the The Fastest Way To Prepare course.

Survival Diva here.  We’ve been talking about the reasons why it’s so important to prepare for the last couple of weeks, and I’m very excited to be discussing the solutions this week! With prepping comes peace of mind, knowing we’re ready for whatever Mother Nature, the economy brings, or terrorists bring. Writing the reasons to prepare in the last two posts had me criticizing my own preparedness as I took inventory before the first snowfall. I definitely need to beef up my stash of firewood! And there’s always room for improvement in other areas.

This week, we’re going to cover a “Top 50” of preparedness items that you absolutely want to have in place when a disaster strikes (or get your hands on before the masses realize that the sky has fallen.)

These items will be the first to disappear in an emergency, and once purchased, most wouldn’t trade them for a stack of gold bullion…unless they’ve put extras aside for barter. The good news is many items on the list aren’t expensive, so setting them aside now will save you the drama of having to scramble or barter for them later

You’ll notice this list does not include storage food, medical supplies, clothing, cleaning supplies or all but one basic hygiene product, but even so, each of these items are must-haves—but since you’re already here, you know that.  If you don’t have that under control, I want to suggest that you go through FreeSurvivalCheatSheets.com for a beginner roadmap.

Checking a few of things off the list each week, pay period, or month will go a long ways towards your being able to breathe easy, even in the face of calamity.

Top 50 Preparedness Items (or classes of items)

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Critical Food Storage Mistake #2

Critical Food Storage Mistake #2

2nd in the series of critical food storage mistakes
second “critical food storage mistakes” of 2 news letters

This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse Newsletter, brought to you by UrbanDisasterWaterPurification.com, the best researched and most highly acclaimed book on making water drinkable in an urban environment after a disaster.  Learn more by going to UrbanDisasterWaterPurification.com.

Survival Diva here, picking up the thread of last week’s post. I briefly mentioned appetite fatigue in “The Mother of All Food Storage Myths”. Although this subject is not spoken of often enough, it deserves a post of its own and why this subject was included in my preparedness book Survival: Prepare Before Disaster Strikes .

Appetite fatigue is the condition of choosing not to eat instead of eating the same food that you’ve had for the last 5, 10, or 100 meals.  Sadly, there is little written about it; yet it has the potential be deadly. This syndrome is most pronounced in the very young and the very old, but it can affect anyone.

It may seem like a stretch that while preparing for a time when everything around us has been turned upside down, we also have to juggle adding a variety of flavors and textures to avoid appetite fatigue. After all, food storage is meant for survival, and in a crisis you’d think everyone should be grateful for food storage when grocer’s shelves are bare, right? Wrong!

Even during times of war, studies have shown there is a certain percentage of people who just can’t stomach eating the same meal for weeks or months at a stretch and they will eventually choose hunger. Hunger equates to fatigue and illness or worse.

(David’s note:  Naysayers, like myself, are quick to point out that tribal people in Africa have been known to eat ash cakes–or whatever other semi-edible plant matter they can find—for months at a time.  Two things to keep in mind.  #1, they have been conditioned since birth to eat whatever they have in front of them.  #2, there’s a form of natural selection that happens as tribesmen grow up…picky eaters die young, and anyone who makes it to adulthood doesn’t care about trivial matters like “variety”.)

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How to get loved ones to prepare

How to get loved ones to prepare

How to get loved ones to prepare
why aren’t they prepared? how to get loved ones to prepare

This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by FreeSurvivalCheatSheets.com, a set of quick, actionable, and free preparedness and survival tips and tricks from the Fastest Way To Prepare course.

Survival Diva here with some ammo for you to use to help get your friends and loved ones to “kick it into gear” and get ready for what’s coming. The statistics found in this post speak for themselves, and if you have loved ones who fire up the eye-roll whenever you mention prepping, it might be worthwhile to clue them into some of these warning signs as soon as possible.

As Preppers, many of us may have already asked our loved ones the question, “Why Aren’t You Prepared?” It’s a legitimate question…People think nothing of shelling out for auto insurance in case we have a fender-bender. We insure our homes, and some even pay for rental insurance in case of fire or theft. And we have health insurance in case of a medical emergency. So why, when food and water are pivotal for survival, don’t more people put food and water aside for tough times?

Although it would take a book the size of War and Peace to site the many reasons why we should all be getting ready as fast as we can, I’ve compiled excerpts to show the reasons why we can’t afford to put off preparing for the coming changes.

What QE3 Has in Store For Us

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Will Iran, Social Security, or the Electrical Grid Collapse First?

Will Iran, Social Security, or the Electrical Grid Collapse First?

will social security or electrical grid collapse first?
which will collapse first – social security or the electrical grid

This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by Free Survival Cheat Sheets.com, a set of quick, actionable, and free preparedness and survival tips and tricks from the The Fastest Way To Prepare course.

Survival Diva here with ‘the rest of the story’ of immediate signs in the news telling us that we must prepare–FAST. It isn’t necessarily news any of us want to hear, but unless we know what’s headed our way, it’s difficult to prepare for the coming changes. Lately, many have stepped out from the shadows to brave telling the unvarnished truth of where the country is headed, and their friends and family have begun to prepare as a result.

Social Security & Financial Solvency Hangs in the Balance

For years many have warned that Social Security was being siphoned off. Now we have proof:

As quoted by Bruce Krasting in his article titled “Bernanke – My Goal is to Wreck Social Security” brucekrasting.com/bernanke-my-goal-is-to-wreck-social-security/

“Anyone who is 55 or older should be worried about this. Based on current law, all SS benefit payments must be cut by (approximately) 25% when the TF (social security Trust Fund) is exhausted. This will affect 72 million people. The economic consequences will be severe.”

Then on October 2, 2012, New York Times reporter Jonathan Weisman wrote an article titled “Senate leaders at work on plan to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’”


Here is an excerpt from the article:

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Hurricane Isaac Heroes & Lessons Learned

Hurricane Isaac Heroes & Lessons Learned

hurricane Isaac - its heroes and lessons learned
hurricane Isaac – its heroes and lessons learned

This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com

Welcome to this week’s survival and preparedness newsletter, brought to you by UrbanDisasterWaterPurification.com, my ever popular book on water purification for wilderness AND urban survival situations.  Previously only available as a part of my “Ultimate Survival Package” it’s now available as a standalone book at a great price for a limited time.  To get yours now, go to UrbanDisasterWaterPurification.com.

Survival Diva here. Our hearts go out to those in the Gulf Coast who are recovering in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac  while battling triple-digit temperatures without air-conditioning. More than 100,000 residents in the Gulf Coast remain without power one week after Hurricane Isaac, and close to 2,800 are in shelters in Louisiana and Mississippi. Although Florida didn’t receive the press it should have, the residents there were hard hit with heavy rains and devastating damages.

It doesn’t seem fair that New Orleans has to go through another deluge just seven years after Katrina. Reports are still coming in as people struggle with power outages and must scramble for basic necessities. So far there have been four deaths reported in Louisiana and Mississippi that were said to be related to Hurricane Isaac.

**David’s Note:  I have several relatives in New Orleans and, while I feel sorry that they got hit by another hurricane, both I and they realize that they DO live in hurricane country in a city that is below sea level.  That’s just part of the equation that they’ve chosen to live with.  We’ve got to expect that wildfires will happen in dry areas, earthquakes will occur along fault lines, hurricanes will happen in hurricane country, flooding will occur along rivers and low lying areas, tornadoes will happen in the Midwest, people living at the bottom of cliffs will be affected by mud/rock slides, etc.  That doesn’t make the devastation or outpouring of assistance any less, but people SHOULD expect whatever disasters their area is prone to, plan accordingly, and expect to be affected eventually, if not regularly.**

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