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Smoking and Curing Wild Game, Fish and Fowl

Smoking and Curing Wild Game, Fish and Fowl

Fish and fowl - smoking and curing wild game
Preserving wild game by smoking and curing

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Survive the coming collapse.com

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by David’s often imitated, but never duplicated Urban Disaster Water Purification report. In it, you’ll learn how to take the nastiest water (even urine and sewage) and make it purer than freshly fallen Arctic snow using both store bought purifiers AND everyday, ordinary items that you will find lying around after a disaster. Don’t fool yourself by thinking that a cute little backpacking water filter will purify water that you’ll find in a town or city–urban water purification is a completely different ballgame and you can learn how to quickly and easily purify almost any water by getting the report >HERE< now.

(David’s Note:  Happy Easter!  This is the holiday that I’m most thankful for every year and I hope you enjoy yours.

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