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Survive the eye of the storm

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The Eye Of The Storm: How You Can Survive

How can you survive a disaster
Being in the eye of the storm during a natural disaster – be prepared

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Survival Diva here, starting this week’s post by saying our hearts go out those who lost loved ones or were affected by Monday’s devastating Oklahoma tornado.

Although I had planned to write about wildfires, the post will be offered next week so we can cover the more front of mind topic of tornadoes.  If you don’t live in tornado country, rest assured that there are some fundamental nuggets that you’ll still be able to use.

The tornado that touched down in Oklahoma on Monday was an F-5, one of the most powerful tornadoes ever seen. This half-mile wide tornado was unusual in that it remained on the ground for a full 40 minutes with winds of 200 miles per hour. The severe damage it wrought was partially due to the fact that the tornado landed during the day when schools and businesses were open. Moore, Oklahoma, was the hardest hit in the 20 mile swath of destruction brought by this tornado.

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Hurricane Isaac Heroes & Lessons Learned

Hurricane Isaac Heroes & Lessons Learned

hurricane Isaac - its heroes and lessons learned
hurricane Isaac – its heroes and lessons learned

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Survive the coming collapse.com

Welcome to this week’s survival and preparedness newsletter, brought to you by UrbanDisasterWaterPurification.com, my ever popular book on water purification for wilderness AND urban survival situations.  Previously only available as a part of my “Ultimate Survival Package” it’s now available as a standalone book at a great price for a limited time.  To get yours now, go to UrbanDisasterWaterPurification.com.

Survival Diva here. Our hearts go out to those in the Gulf Coast who are recovering in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac  while battling triple-digit temperatures without air-conditioning. More than 100,000 residents in the Gulf Coast remain without power one week after Hurricane Isaac, and close to 2,800 are in shelters in Louisiana and Mississippi. Although Florida didn’t receive the press it should have, the residents there were hard hit with heavy rains and devastating damages.

It doesn’t seem fair that New Orleans has to go through another deluge just seven years after Katrina. Reports are still coming in as people struggle with power outages and must scramble for basic necessities. So far there have been four deaths reported in Louisiana and Mississippi that were said to be related to Hurricane Isaac.

**David’s Note:  I have several relatives in New Orleans and, while I feel sorry that they got hit by another hurricane, both I and they realize that they DO live in hurricane country in a city that is below sea level.  That’s just part of the equation that they’ve chosen to live with.  We’ve got to expect that wildfires will happen in dry areas, earthquakes will occur along fault lines, hurricanes will happen in hurricane country, flooding will occur along rivers and low lying areas, tornadoes will happen in the Midwest, people living at the bottom of cliffs will be affected by mud/rock slides, etc.  That doesn’t make the devastation or outpouring of assistance any less, but people SHOULD expect whatever disasters their area is prone to, plan accordingly, and expect to be affected eventually, if not regularly.**

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