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Practical Hints Survival Remote Locations

Hints Survival Remote Locations

If you are preparing a journey through remote areas, it is smart to be prepared in the event of an emergency situation. No one really wants to use their outside survival skills, however, it is best to have a survival bag at hand … just in case, to be on the safe side.

Among the best plans for survival when driving in remote areas, is to plan a specific way for travel in and out. Be advised that you should inform friends and family members where you are going, and the directions you plan to take. You may wish to leave a map with family a member showing your path with a highlighter. This might seem to be going a little too far, however, it may salvage your life!

Making a 4WD Remote Area Tool Kit

Another crucial piece of info to leave with others is the time when you propose to return from your journey. Should you have not returned on time, this will assist individuals to be mindful if something is awry. If there is a modification of plans amid the trip, remembering to notify your family and friends with a phone call or text message, you will save them much worry and concern.


If tragedy strikes and an emergency situation emerges and you get stranded in a remote area, always stay with the vehicle whenever possible. Studies show that venturing out searching for help isn’t the safest idea for survival. Staying near your car or truck will offer a much better possibility of being spotted. Your car might prove to be helpful for shelter from the elements during this time. Your family and friends who know the path that you were taking will assist the search and rescue teams to find you quickly.

Mini Remote Survival Cache Idea

Fortunately, It is possible to endure for several days inside a car with an appropriate survival package. Making certain your car emergency situation survival set is stocked and readily available prior to your departure, will make the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. Inspect your car emergency survival material regularly to restock any missing pieces or replace any out-of-date food and first aid items.

Items of use for survival in remote locations

It is not just crucial to have the right tools in the car and truck emergency situation survival package when driving in remote areas, but absolutely critical. Also, be sure you take the time to acquaint yourself with the products in your survival package. In an emergency, the products are worthless if you do not know how to use them.

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Antibiotics – Are There any “over the counter”?

Emergency Antibiotics for when the SHTF

I am not, in any way, trained in the medical profession – you will need to do your own research for emergency medical supplies or antibiotics, based upon your doctor’s recommendations, your particular situation, the needs of your family and the conditions under which you will be forced to live. And for how long you may be required to live under those conditions.


Survival antibiotics:

In the event of social collapse or a major disaster, modern medical supply facilities may not be available and life saving prescription antibiotics will be in high demand and short in supply.

Poorly prepared people who are forced to fend for themselves, and are unaccustomed, will suffer a higher incidence of infection from injuries to their eyes and body. If these injuries are left  unattended for too long, infection will set in and can spread to the blood stream. And can lead to serious consequences.

However, the really important antibiotics are prescription only and chances are you will not be able to convince your doctor to write a prescription for you to simply stockpile these needed medical supplies.

Unless these people have a close friend in the medical profession, they will be without the medical supplies they need to survive.

Stockpiling needed prescription antibiotics is a necessity and can be obtained on various places on the internet without a prescription, legally.

There are many non-prescription antibiotics on the market these days, many can be found on Amazon.

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Essentials for Survival – Food and Water : First – short term

Essentials for Survival – Food and Water


Why Food and water essentials for survivaleason for prepping. and how it may affect your future.
Food and water are some essentials for survival when SHTF?

As important as food is to survival, knowing what kinds of food to store and how to store that food for short, intermediate and long-term, is vitally an important part of any essentials for survival plan.

In this post, we will explore short-term food selection and water storage.

When I first started looking for survival ways and means, my first inclination was to purchase one of those “72- hour bug out bags” that you often see advertised on many website these days.

Well, I almost bought into the idea of a “72- hour bug out bag” without giving it considerable thought and doing a little research.

I am not advocating against the “72- hour bug out bag”, it might fit into your SHTF plan, but not our plan since my wife and I are in our 70’s and live in a less populated area, which affords a little more safety then a large or even a small city. Plus, we would not survive long living off the land, neither my wife or myself have the training for it.

So, we have prepared to “survive in place”, which includes stocking up, short-term, intermediate and long-term.

It took me awhile to make the decision to stay in place in the event of economic collapse or any other event with only a few exceptions.  The only thing which may cause us to move from our little home might be a chemical disaster – but that would be only temporary since we live in a high wind area. Our small village could flood, but we live much higher than the town.

Consider these possibilities:

What are the emergency circumstances that may arise in your area like flooding, chemical spills, earthquake, economic collapse, gang activity, martial law, major fire – forest or otherwise, etc?

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Emergency Medical Supplies for when the SHTF

medical supplies

A good look at what may be good for a starter medical supplies kit.

First off I am not in any way trained in the medical profession – you will need to do your own research for emergency medical supplies, based upon your doctor’s recommendations, your particular situation, the needs of your family and the conditions under which you will be forced to live. And for how long you may be required to live under those conditions.

There are some good videos on You Tube by “preppers” with descriptions of their personal medical “bug-out-bags”, along with comments.

This can be complicated since each person will want to customize his own medical set up, it will be even more complicated if there are family members.

But, there are basic items needed no matter what your situation may be. I will list some of these below.

What are the circumstances? In my case, chances are, since I live with my wife in a small Montana town, we will more than likely remain in place for most emergencies. Our home is here, we are in our 70’s and we are close to a hospital.

Civil and monetary collapse will most likely be felt in the large cities way before we will see it here. That will give us time to gather our wits and proceed prudently.

But regardless of  where you live there are basic medical supplies that you will need for emergency purposes, lets get into a list.

Bandages – Gauze – Compression – Tape
Surgical Kit and Gloves
Steri-Strip Elastic Skin Closures
Cold Remedies
Dust Mask
Good Eye Protection
Protective Air-way Mask
Quikclot Clotting Sponge
Burn Creams

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