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News Media Bias

Courtesy of  Florida Family.org


MSNBC extreme bias continues as news anchor Mara Schiavocampo tells Israeli Ambassador Hamas rockets “rarely do damage” and Chris Matthews appreciates Hurricane Sandy for helping elect Obama.


Most reputable companies do not advertise during sitcoms that disparage Christianity even though the content of sitcoms is not intended to be taken seriously. So why would these companies advertise on a news network, which is intended to be taken seriously, that routinely denigrates Christianity, distorts the truth and advocates for Islamists?

MSNBC news anchor Mara Schiavocampo asked Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren on November 17, 2012 “But what would you say to those who argue that the rockets are essentially very ineffective rarely do damage and that the response from Israeli’s is disproportionate to the threat that they are under?”  Click here to see video.
MSNBC news talk show host Chris Matthews said on November 7, 2012  “I’m so glad that we had that storm last week.”  The facial expressions, body language and comments of other people on the set indicated distaste for Matthew’s comments.  Click here to see video.

If these were conservative media personalities they would have been terminated.  But not so at MSNBC where extreme bias, dishonest reporting, Christian mocking and Islamist loving is status quo.

Please click here to send your email urging recent advertisers to stop supporting MSNBC’s dishonest, anti-Christian and pro-Islamist reporting with their advertising dollars.



Anti-CAIR Subway Ad

The Blaze.com

New Anti-CAIR Subway Ad Featuring Burning World Trade Center & Koranic Verses Set to Launch

Activist and blogger Pamela Geller’s subway and bus ads likening Islamic radicals to “savages” have created quite a stir. After battles with the transit authorities in both New York City and Washington, D.C., judges have ruled in Geller’s favor, stating that her group, American Freedom Defense Initiative, has a First Amendment right to post the controversial ads. While the dust is finally settling on the initial campaign, the activist is preparing to launch another, potentially more controversial ad blitz — one that includes an image of the World Trade Center up in flames and two controversial verses from the Koran.

On Sunday, Geller shared her new poster and an explanation of its purpose (it’s a response to a new ad being put out by the Council on American-Islamic Relations) with TheBlaze. Much like Sojourners, Rabbis for Human Rights and United Methodist Women, CAIR also launched an ad decrying Geller’s anti-jihad campaign.


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Sharia Law in Egyptian Constitution

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Doctors in Egypt often won’t treat HIV-AIDS patients

Egypt TV host gets jail term for insulting president


The Blaze.com

Egypt’s Islamic Group Calls for Jihad to Force Sharia into Constitution

Egypt’s al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya – or Islamic Group – is warning it could use violence as a means to ensure Sharia law is adopted in the latest draft of the country’s constitution and is calling on Egyptians to wage “jihad and fight in support of Sharia.”

This call was made by Mohamed Salah, the leader of the group which the U.S. designates as a terrorist organization. Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya’s spiritual leader was the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman who is imprisoned in the U.S. for his role in blowing up the World Trade Center in New York in February 1993 and for plotting to assassinate then Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

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