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Should Prepping Be Kept A Secret…Or Not?

Should Prepping Be Kept A Secret?


Should prepping be kept secret? Yes, share only with your inner circle
Should prepping be kept secret? Yes, share only with your inner circle


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Survival Diva here. Recently, I had a huge decision to make; whether to join a group of preppers in my small community, or to remain anonymous. It happened by accident. I was at a gas station/feed store (small community retailers in my area tend to be multi-purpose) and was surprised to see they sold food storage buckets and a few other preparedness related items. Talking to the owner, the conversation landed on prepping. I’d lived in the area for four years, and had no clue there was a group of folks who thought like I did. In fact, up until that moment, I felt like I was the only one prepping—folks around here keep to themselves… politics, prepping; you name it!

It was both a relief and a dilemma when I was invited to join the group. I didn’t know these people. They didn’t know me. So, what would keep a rogue member of the group from just dropping by my cabin someday to help themselves to what had taken years of doing without to accumulate? Hey, prepping for 23 is a HUGE, long term commitment! And should someone have ulterior motives , it would take another decade or so to build my preparedness cache back up…all the storage food, canned goods, canning supplies, wheat mill, water filter, manual well pump, tree-felling equipment, tools, toilet paper (it takes up an entire loft to store all that toilet paper!), medical supplies…and on, and on.

I also had to put into the equation that I’m gone from my cabin more than I would like to be. Even though I installed beefed up doors to the cabin and the storage shed which has no less than three heavy-duty padlocks, held by a chain so thick I’ve wondered if it wasn’t overkill, which is attached to eye bolts that were secured through the substructure, sheer nerve and bolt cutters could get the job done. Or for those with imagination, taking a chain saw to the walls would get them in and out in no time.

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