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Practical Hints Survival Remote Locations

Hints Survival Remote Locations

If you are preparing a journey through remote areas, it is smart to be prepared in the event of an emergency situation. No one really wants to use their outside survival skills, however, it is best to have a survival bag at hand … just in case, to be on the safe side.

Among the best plans for survival when driving in remote areas, is to plan a specific way for travel in and out. Be advised that you should inform friends and family members where you are going, and the directions you plan to take. You may wish to leave a map with family a member showing your path with a highlighter. This might seem to be going a little too far, however, it may salvage your life!

Making a 4WD Remote Area Tool Kit

Another crucial piece of info to leave with others is the time when you propose to return from your journey. Should you have not returned on time, this will assist individuals to be mindful if something is awry. If there is a modification of plans amid the trip, remembering to notify your family and friends with a phone call or text message, you will save them much worry and concern.


If tragedy strikes and an emergency situation emerges and you get stranded in a remote area, always stay with the vehicle whenever possible. Studies show that venturing out searching for help isn’t the safest idea for survival. Staying near your car or truck will offer a much better possibility of being spotted. Your car might prove to be helpful for shelter from the elements during this time. Your family and friends who know the path that you were taking will assist the search and rescue teams to find you quickly.

Mini Remote Survival Cache Idea

Fortunately, It is possible to endure for several days inside a car with an appropriate survival package. Making certain your car emergency situation survival set is stocked and readily available prior to your departure, will make the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. Inspect your car emergency survival material regularly to restock any missing pieces or replace any out-of-date food and first aid items.

Items of use for survival in remote locations

It is not just crucial to have the right tools in the car and truck emergency situation survival package when driving in remote areas, but absolutely critical. Also, be sure you take the time to acquaint yourself with the products in your survival package. In an emergency, the products are worthless if you do not know how to use them.

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Winter Survival Tips-Stranded in a Car

When stranded in a car

Together with the shorter days, wicked cold situations, damp climate and even with blowing wind, your prospects of hypothermia rise. Listed here are a handful of pointers to keeping cozy in the cold weather.

There is no  little reason you should freeze in a stuck motor vehicle. When you’ve organized adequately you should already possess your additional garments, an emergency blanket, candles, as well as matches.

Do not neglect, you have to let somebody learn where you happen to be heading to. Advising a friend of your travel intentions and places you happen to be heading as well as having provisions handy will go a very long way for helping you wait on assistance to turn up.

When your apparel is inadequate, try to find other sources for insulation which may be applied to squeeze into your apparel.

Search for newspaper and even wrappers which you may have inside your car or truck. Use your floor place mats and even carpets. When it comes to a survival scenario, you really don’t have the benefit of fretting about the cost of your upholstery, utilize that to cover up in. Split up the seat material inside your seats in order to employ that for insulation.

Survival Food

Food items are critical for cold weather survival. It will be a must for producing and sustaining appropriate body temperature. The nutrients in food result in energy as well as warmth via the digestion procedure. That is because of this that it really is necessary to carry sufficient food provisions through the winter season. Just in case of a catastrophe or maybe electricity blackouts you ought to accumulate an abundance of non-perishable food items which involves no refrigeration or cooking. Many of these kinds of items could consist of

How to Survive when stranded along side the road.

Just in case of a catastrophe or maybe electricity blackouts you ought to accumulate an abundance of non-perishable food items which involves no refrigeration or cooking. Many of these kinds of items could consist of freeze-dried meals, nuts, party crackers, tinned food, cereal, along with dried veggies and fruits. Trail Mix can be found at most grocery stores.

Water in Winter?

Put in storage loads of drinking water, even throughout the cold season. Never permit the cold weather to fool you. Water assists with food digestion and even blood circulation. It’s very easy to end up being dehydrated still in the winter period because dehydration could “creep up on you” since you do not seem as parched as when it happens to be very warm outside.

Suit up Appropriately for comfort

Dress warm and comfortable, head to toe. Mainly always keep regions of the anatomy shielded which are susceptible to heat loss like the head, feet, and also hands. Be sure to don warm and comfortable socks, hat, plus gloves whenever subjected to the cold weather. Your clothes needs to be able to make you comfortable as well as completely dry at all times.

Possess an emergency blanket

Always keep emergency blankets which are huge enough to cover up your entire body, water resistant, but compact enough that you could get in your pockets.

Candles as well as matches

Just one candle will be adequate to protect you from freezing to death inside a stuck motor vehicle for so long as the candle should last. Be sure you reserve an abundance of these. Do not forget the matches.

Action and Body Warmth

Try to keep movement only sufficient to not perspire. Movement and action will generate warmth and helps keep your blood stream moving. All those calories you will be using are all the more basis to possess loads of food items.

Simply by sticking to these guidelines, becoming stuck in a snow bank will not become too unpleasant.

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Survive the eye of the storm

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Survive the coming collapse.com

The Eye Of The Storm: How You Can Survive

How can you survive a disaster
Being in the eye of the storm during a natural disaster – be prepared

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by David’s book, Tactical Firearms Training Secrets, which goes into detail on how to keep improving your firearms skills in a time of crazy-expensive ammo…if you can even find it. If you own a gun, you need this book. It’s less than a single ticket to the movies and you’ll save more than that in your first 5 minutes of training. To learn more, go >HERE< now.  10% of all sales this weekend will go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation in honor of Memorial Day.

I’m proud to say that, with your help, we’ve either given or raised almost $20,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, and Heroes’ Project (Chris Kyle) in the last 12 months.  If you served, thank you.  If you lost someone who served, thank you.

Survival Diva here, starting this week’s post by saying our hearts go out those who lost loved ones or were affected by Monday’s devastating Oklahoma tornado.

Although I had planned to write about wildfires, the post will be offered next week so we can cover the more front of mind topic of tornadoes.  If you don’t live in tornado country, rest assured that there are some fundamental nuggets that you’ll still be able to use.

The tornado that touched down in Oklahoma on Monday was an F-5, one of the most powerful tornadoes ever seen. This half-mile wide tornado was unusual in that it remained on the ground for a full 40 minutes with winds of 200 miles per hour. The severe damage it wrought was partially due to the fact that the tornado landed during the day when schools and businesses were open. Moore, Oklahoma, was the hardest hit in the 20 mile swath of destruction brought by this tornado.

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Preserving Food for Survival

Preserving food for survival – a news letter

Preserving Food for Survival
Emergency preservation and storage of food for when SHTF

This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com

(1st of a 2 part series)

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by David’s often imitated, but never duplicated Urban Disaster Water Purification report (Only $7 this week).  In it, you’ll learn how to take the nastiest water (even urine and sewage) and make it purer than freshly fallen Arctic snow using both store bought purifiers AND everyday, ordinary items that you will find lying around after a disaster.  Don’t fool yourself by thinking that a simple backpacking water filter will purify water that you’ll find in a town or city–urban water purification is a completely different ballgame and you can learn how to quickly and easily purify almost any water by getting the report >HERE< now.

To continue reading the Christian novel, Implant, about a plot to use mandatory implanted RFID chips to control the American population, click here for chapter five.

*   *  *

Survival Diva here with part one of a two-part series on preserving food in a grid-down, SHTF scenario. Next week, we’ll get into smokehouses and curing wild game and fish.

A preparedness plan should always include the ability to preserve foods through one of many methods, including root cellars, hot beds, cold rooms, zeer clay pots, food dehydration and home canning.

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Antibiotics – Are There any “over the counter”?

Emergency Antibiotics for when the SHTF

I am not, in any way, trained in the medical profession – you will need to do your own research for emergency medical supplies or antibiotics, based upon your doctor’s recommendations, your particular situation, the needs of your family and the conditions under which you will be forced to live. And for how long you may be required to live under those conditions.


Survival antibiotics:

In the event of social collapse or a major disaster, modern medical supply facilities may not be available and life saving prescription antibiotics will be in high demand and short in supply.

Poorly prepared people who are forced to fend for themselves, and are unaccustomed, will suffer a higher incidence of infection from injuries to their eyes and body. If these injuries are left  unattended for too long, infection will set in and can spread to the blood stream. And can lead to serious consequences.

However, the really important antibiotics are prescription only and chances are you will not be able to convince your doctor to write a prescription for you to simply stockpile these needed medical supplies.

Unless these people have a close friend in the medical profession, they will be without the medical supplies they need to survive.

Stockpiling needed prescription antibiotics is a necessity and can be obtained on various places on the internet without a prescription, legally.

There are many non-prescription antibiotics on the market these days, many can be found on Amazon.

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Hiding-Caching Your Beans, Bullets, & Bullion

Preppers are caching beans bullets and bullion

For survival - learn how to hide your beans, bullets  and bullione
Hiding-Caching Your Beans, Bullets, & Bullion

This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com

Hiding-Caching Your Beans, Bullets, & Bullion

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training–the empty hands combatives program that I’ve been using successfully since the mid-90s and the only system that I trust for both my 102 pound wife and my parents who are in their 70s.  Tim’s got an incredible offer for my readers this week, and you can find out about it by going >here<.

Survival Diva here to discuss effective strategies to hide critical survival goods at home and survival caches for a time we might need them. Whether you live in the city or in the middle of nowhere on an off-grid homestead, there are no guarantees that you’ll be immune from looting. By setting a simple workable game plan in motion now, the outcome is more likely to go in your favor later if you ever do find yourself in a situation where looting is prevalent.

A critical mistake would be to pretend we’ll never be a victim of looting, yet I hear this fairly often from those who’ve moved off grid who tell themselves they will never experience the lawlessness urban areas may suffer.

The truth is, no matter where we live, there will be neighbors and those that will show up looking for a safe place to escape. With luck, they will be good people simply wanting to find a way to survive. It’s the people who have lost their moral compass, or never had one to begin with, that we should prepare for. That starts with doing what we can to secure our survival goods at home, and caching survival goods away from our immediate area  should we need to flee, if only for a short duration.

(David’s note:  two other important considerations for caching is that they will protect you before a disaster in the event of a random break-in, flooding, fire, tornado, or other potentially catastrophic events AND they’ll allow you to be more “transparent”, open, and inviting with guests in your house.  The more you have cached, the less stuff that it’s possible for guests and visitors to see.)

Several months ago, I had a series of frustrating conversations with a friend who had convinced himself he had the perfect plan to avoid looters and lawlessness. Over the years, this friend had always been brutally honest with himself about his capabilities and his prepping strategy…except when it came to the bug out cabin he was planning to build. In hindsight, it become clear he was “stuck” on his idea that he’d been holding on to for years, and no amount of logic would open his eyes to the fact that this bug out solution was not going to let him hide in plain sight. After months of hearing about this Shangri-La, where he could live and survive unmolested and undetected without incorporating safety backups, I switched tactics, and that conversation is posted here—partially to show that humor can be found, even with a subject  as serious as survival, and partially for you to examine if you’ve been guilty of doing something similar. If so, there’s good news. It’s never too late to kick safety measures into gear!

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Essentials for Survival – Food and Water : First – short term

Essentials for Survival – Food and Water


Why Food and water essentials for survivaleason for prepping. and how it may affect your future.
Food and water are some essentials for survival when SHTF?

As important as food is to survival, knowing what kinds of food to store and how to store that food for short, intermediate and long-term, is vitally an important part of any essentials for survival plan.

In this post, we will explore short-term food selection and water storage.

When I first started looking for survival ways and means, my first inclination was to purchase one of those “72- hour bug out bags” that you often see advertised on many website these days.

Well, I almost bought into the idea of a “72- hour bug out bag” without giving it considerable thought and doing a little research.

I am not advocating against the “72- hour bug out bag”, it might fit into your SHTF plan, but not our plan since my wife and I are in our 70’s and live in a less populated area, which affords a little more safety then a large or even a small city. Plus, we would not survive long living off the land, neither my wife or myself have the training for it.

So, we have prepared to “survive in place”, which includes stocking up, short-term, intermediate and long-term.

It took me awhile to make the decision to stay in place in the event of economic collapse or any other event with only a few exceptions.  The only thing which may cause us to move from our little home might be a chemical disaster – but that would be only temporary since we live in a high wind area. Our small village could flood, but we live much higher than the town.

Consider these possibilities:

What are the emergency circumstances that may arise in your area like flooding, chemical spills, earthquake, economic collapse, gang activity, martial law, major fire – forest or otherwise, etc?

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Food Storage – What are your reasons – or not?

Food Storage is important in this economy:

Why food storage is a good reason for prepping. and how it may affect your future.
Is food storage in the plans when SHTF?

I am married to a wonderful wife of more than 30 years, we have had many ups and downs, disagreements and heated arguments, food storage being one of these discussions – and we have both been very frustrated at times.

Well, when I decided in 2009 to begin a food storage regimen, she was happy I had made that decision – to a point – she did not agree with me why we needed to store food. She just could not believe that anything more than inflation would be the problem – so, when we talked about the economy possibly collapsing and people losing their homes and going hungry and looking for “other peoples’ food to eat, well, she thought I was “fear mongering“.

With that being said – she is happy having the food, but, she just does not want to talk about it!

I fully believed our country was heading in the wrong direction economically and that inflation would be setting in going forward. Since I had started storing food early on, the prices have risen greatly since then. Fortunately, I started early enough to acquire a pretty good supply of canned goods, bottled water, and some rice, beans and powdered milk.

There are many different reasons why some people will not store food, some are like my wife who says “I cannot live daily in fear”, my opinion is that if you are somewhat prepared, that alone should eliminate much fear. Of course not all potential situations can be foreseen.

Churches do what they can to help in emergency situations, but they are limited by their own supply, and I believe that the people in charge of that food will be sure that they and their families are cared for first – in my opinion,  it is only right.

Then there are the people that believe they have a right to other peoples food, like the child who will move in with their parents, or, the parents who will move in with their children.

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Survival Cheese and Survival Bread

Survival Cheese and Survival Bread

How to prepare survival cheese and bread for the coming collapse
How to store survival cheese and bread

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Is Survival REALLY Survival without Cheese and Homemade Bread?

Welcome to this week’s Survive The Coming Collapse newsletter, brought to you by Free Survival Cheat Sheets.com, a set of quick, actionable, and free preparedness and survival tips and tricks from the The Fastest Way To Prepare course.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the fundraising sale for victims and first responders helping with Sandy recovery efforts.  I’m glad to say that I rounded up the amount raised and sent $1,000 to The Church At The Gateway on Staten Island earlier this week.  If you participated, thank you.

If you’re not in the habit of coming back to the site every day, it would be a smart idea.  We’re posting a handfull of preparedness oriented news links, tactics, and techniques that we find valuable every day.

Survival Diva here to continue our discussion of how to store unrefrigerated staples. Having been brought up on an Alaskan homestead with no electricity or running water, self-sufficiency was ingrained in me at an early age, but even so, when I started serious prepping many years ago I had a difficult time figuring out how to safely store cheese and sourdough without refrigeration.

For the Love of Cheese

The first dilemma I tackled was how to avoid buying powdered cheese and still be able to store cheese for 23 people, long-term, without refrigeration. I searched off and on for months for a solution, and when I finally discovered the answer, it was amazingly simple. Like most food-related prepping dilemmas, our forefathers had already addressed the issue successfully for centuries, but sadly much of the information has been lost. Luckily, it turned out I didn’t have to look that far back. Today, Europeans still buy their cheese from food vendors that literally hang it, unrefrigerated, from the rafters. When they bring it home, it’s not always to tuck it safely away in a refrigerator. Many times the cheese remains unrefrigerated until it is consumed.

So, how do modern Europeans and our forefathers safely consume unrefrigerated cheese? The answer is to coat it with cheese wax! I could write a two-page exposé on how to coat cheese with cheese wax and store it safely for years (some claim 20 years or more). But if you’re anything like me, visuals help…a lot! It will give you the confidence you need to brave eating it yourself or serving it to loved ones without fear. I have stored cheese for many years, unrefrigerated, and have eaten it without any ill-effects. In fact, cheese will continue to age in its preserved state, so if you like a cheddar with a bite to it, you’re going to love this approach of preserving a staple few of us would want to be without. Here’s the best YouTube video I’ve found on preserving cheese, provided by katzcradul

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Top Barter Items For Survival Situations

Top Barter Items For Survival Situations


Barter items for survival food when the SHTF
What barter items are important enough to others that they would give up food?


This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming collapse.com


Survival Diva here to discuss an important, life-saving tactic that too many Preppers leave out of their preparedness plan. We may think we have everything covered for survival, but what if we’ve prepared for six months or a year when a crisis comes that lingers for years? Few of us have the resources to put three, four, or five years of food storage and preparedness goods aside, but depending upon the emergency, we may need to figure out how to make it through a breakdown in infrastructure lasting that long.

As David has said before, the “stuff” that you store up is only there to help you get from one predictable source of provisions to the next.  It won’t last forever, but it will give you time to figure out or set up sustainable solutions.

One of the most obvious choices for developing a sustainable food supply is through gardening…specifically with heirloom seed that can be dried and used season after season. In my opinion heirloom seed is imperative for long term survival. We will need a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits to combat appetite fatigue and for good health, especially when food storage begins to dwindle. If you can afford the cost, adding heirloom seed to your bartering goods stash will give you plenty of bartering leverage.

But that’s just the beginning…there’s always more when it comes to prepping. The truth is there is no possible way to plan for every emergency. To do that we would need to be clairvoyant, able to see in the future of what our needs will be at every juncture. In the real world the very best we can do is to get ready for the most likely calamities and be prepared to barter for the rest.

Bartering doesn’t have to involve food and preparedness goods, although survival-specific goods will be invaluable during a prolonged crisis. Bartering can just as easily involve skills. For instance, I purchased an antique treadle sewing machine that operates by a foot pedal and does not require electricity to run.  I plan to take on sewing projects, and have made that known to folks in my small community who are Preppers.  A nearby neighbor has taken up blacksmithing in preparation for grid-down that will allow him to barter for what he needs during a long-term crisis. Hunting, fishing, carpentry, home canning, farming/gardening, auto repair, small engine repair, welding, plumbing, blade sharpening, cooking, taking in laundry, midwifery, wood gathering & splitting, wild game processing and curing,  medical, dentistry, veterinary, chemist, teaching, babysitting, ice making, water purification, beekeeping, and tactical/protection skills are others that will be in huge demand when the going gets tough.

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