Survival metal work with gas welding

Are you skilled at gas welding?

Learn about gas welding to join a survival group
Gas Welding is an important addition to a survival group


I am not a welder and have no knowledge of the gases used, nor do I know anything about electric welding – but I do know that having welding skills will be an important addition to a group gathered together for survival.

During a major catastrophe, economic melt down or just a need to  “bug out”, survival skills pertaining to welding, along with other skills,  will make you valuable to most any group looking for a mixture of complimentary talents.

Most everyone has some experience with cooking, minor medical first aid, cleaning  and some gun handling.

But not many are able to handle gas welding of much needed metal fences, buildings, gates or defense  structures, etc. Having the equipment, skill and knowledge of gases will make you a much desired addition any survival group.





There are some good welding videos on this YouTube Channel, by “Make Money Welding” I have not watched them, but I believe most videos are about gas welding.


The At Home Welder website has a good library and articles of “welding tips and tricks for the beginner welder and hobbyist”

It would be nice if you would leave a helpful comment about welding techniques for gas welding along with some of your favorite welding web sites.