Should Prepping Be Kept A Secret…Or Not?

Should Prepping Be Kept A Secret?


Should prepping be kept secret? Yes, share only with your inner circle
Should prepping be kept secret? Yes, share only with your inner circle


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Survival Diva here. Recently, I had a huge decision to make; whether to join a group of preppers in my small community, or to remain anonymous. It happened by accident. I was at a gas station/feed store (small community retailers in my area tend to be multi-purpose) and was surprised to see they sold food storage buckets and a few other preparedness related items. Talking to the owner, the conversation landed on prepping. I’d lived in the area for four years, and had no clue there was a group of folks who thought like I did. In fact, up until that moment, I felt like I was the only one prepping—folks around here keep to themselves… politics, prepping; you name it!

It was both a relief and a dilemma when I was invited to join the group. I didn’t know these people. They didn’t know me. So, what would keep a rogue member of the group from just dropping by my cabin someday to help themselves to what had taken years of doing without to accumulate? Hey, prepping for 23 is a HUGE, long term commitment! And should someone have ulterior motives , it would take another decade or so to build my preparedness cache back up…all the storage food, canned goods, canning supplies, wheat mill, water filter, manual well pump, tree-felling equipment, tools, toilet paper (it takes up an entire loft to store all that toilet paper!), medical supplies…and on, and on.

I also had to put into the equation that I’m gone from my cabin more than I would like to be. Even though I installed beefed up doors to the cabin and the storage shed which has no less than three heavy-duty padlocks, held by a chain so thick I’ve wondered if it wasn’t overkill, which is attached to eye bolts that were secured through the substructure, sheer nerve and bolt cutters could get the job done. Or for those with imagination, taking a chain saw to the walls would get them in and out in no time.

I had already been faced with tipping my hand, when one day the only neighbor I share this mountainside property with came up over the hill on foot and caught me transferring buckets of wheat into the shed…not in my prepping plan at all!  That incident led to a discussion about prepping simply because at that point I had little to lose. Turns out that even though he and his wife may not be preppers in a traditional sense, they routinely eat wild foods and practice holistic medicine and he is a proficient hunter. That was made clear one day when he dropped by to ask if I’d heard the gunshot earlier that morning. He’d bagged a white tail deer this area is famous for. From his bedroom window! I loaned him my pressure cooker so he could get the meat home canned and prudently kept my mouth shut about the rest of my prep goods, other than the wheat which he already knew about, that is.  Now, years later, he drops by every once in a while to share the overflow from his garden and is happy to discuss the wild edible foods that grow on our mountainside. He also clued me in to a nearby, hidden spring after I offered to share my well water when SHTF after the manual hand pump I’d ordered arrived.

I’m giving back story here because it was pivotal to my decision whether or not to risk joining this small group of preppers. The experience with the neighbor taught me something very important. Because I opened up (a little) about prepping, he and his wife shared important clues that should a SHTF scenario occur, they were self-sufficient and likely to be the kind of neighbors to have living nearby. They would certainly fend for themselves—and it turns out their  cabin was the first place they’d lived that had electricity, so spoiled they’re not! And because I offered my well water, they shared information about the hidden spring. As we developed a friendlier relationship, we came to trust one another, and it is likely should we head into the long-term economic crisis I see looming ahead, we’ll have each other’s backs.

After considering the risks, I eventually decided to join the prepping group. As things quickly progress towards a full blown societal meltdown we’re seeing almost daily now, meetings have been beefed up from monthly to weekly. A valuable part of having a group is being able to share skillsets with one-another. One week we’ll bring our wheat grinders and make comparisons. Another week, we will bake bread together, or have a home canning demonstration to help the newbies. Recently, there was a discussion on hunting, and another on reading topographical maps and the use of a compass. It all goes into assuring survival and leads to a stronger community.

We have started a bartering bank, of sorts, where our skillsets are made known, so when the time comes, we’ll know where to go to barter goods or skillsets for what we need. My less than stellar skill is sewing—I picked up an old treadle sewing machine that works off pedal power, rather than electricity—and I will help run the barter bank. There is a member who raises cattle and chickens, another who can repair…anything, and another with extensive medical training, and several who are tactically trained that I wouldn’t want to meet up with if I were a looter. One member is set up for blacksmithing and several in the group have advanced carpentry and welding skills, and there are others who are expert gardeners—all useful skillsets for when SHTF.

Recently, we’ve begun to reach out, carefully, to others in the community. If a crisis is extreme enough, we MUST be set up as much as possible to protect one-another.  Point in case:  the local Sherriff who was just voted in is a Christian and a constitutionalist, which we felt was important to the community, and why one of the group members worked her tail off to do everything in her power to get him elected.

My point in sharing this? Depending upon your location and community, it may be possible to come together to prepare for a crisis even if right at this moment in time the likelihood may seem unlikely. The prepping group in my little burg is a perfect example. Just six months ago, there wasn’t a group…just isolated homesteads and trailers and farms where folks were getting ready in private. Now that we’ve come together, lager orders of grains and supplies are pooled for better prices, and valuable information and training is being shared. Just as important, whatever that crises might be; mother nature delivering calamity to our area, a kill shot from the sun, civil unrest, or a complete economic meltdown, we’re better prepared to work together and make it to the other side.

So have you approached neighbors or others in your community? Have you been an active participant in setting up for your community’s future, or do you feel your location is unsafe to even try? What type of calamity do you see as likely and when? Please share by posting below, so we can open this discussion to debate the pros and cons of sharing our preparedness with others.

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God Bless and Stay Safe,

David Morris and Survival Diva

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