Operate a Successful Gunsmithing Business

Gunsmithing could be your ticket to survival!

Being prepared for surviving in place, off of the “grid” during a long term crisis, will depend upon you having certain skills – the handling of guns as well as repairing could be one of those skills.

Probably high on the ladder of skills will be the ability to not only handle firearms proficiently, but if you have the knowledge, skills and the tools for maintaining firearms and perhaps making precision weapons, you will be welcomed into most any survival group.


gunsmithing shop USMC Precision Weapons Section
gunsmithing ability during a long term crisis, requiring surviving in place with a group, is a much desired skill.


The American Gunsmithing Institute is a good place to start, with loads of educational videos, FAQ’s and e-lessons, this would be a good place to begin.

American Gunsmithing

According to the Guns America, there is a warning to all gun bloggers and forums concerning “Bloomberg Shills”

The Guns America blog has some interesting posts concerning guns and gunsmithing

Guns America blog


In our “survivalist” Merchandise List, you will find more information concerning gunsmithing

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