Living in the wilderness

mosey knife

Wilderness survival! How many of us these days would know what to do if an event causes us to be “on the run” into the wild.

Could we find food, or, know where food is and is it safe? How to start a fire without matches or a lighter. This article warns of possible areas that may need attention…..

I have tested those same skill sets time and time again and they work but for them to work for you have to be able to do two things well. 1.You must understand what it means to work with nature and never against her and you must understand that being in nature means being apart of nature. 2. Being in nature is and always will be a spiritual experience. You have to pay attention to what nature has offered and learn the value and uses of those things. Do you know what trees make the best bows? Do you know when to look for morels? Do you know what wood will absolutely work to make fire in a bow drill set?