Food Storage – What are your reasons – or not?

Food Storage is important in this economy:

Why food storage is a good reason for prepping. and how it may affect your future.
Is food storage in the plans when SHTF?

I am married to a wonderful wife of more than 30 years, we have had many ups and downs, disagreements and heated arguments, food storage being one of these discussions – and we have both been very frustrated at times.

Well, when I decided in 2009 to begin a food storage regimen, she was happy I had made that decision – to a point – she did not agree with me why we needed to store food. She just could not believe that anything more than inflation would be the problem – so, when we talked about the economy possibly collapsing and people losing their homes and going hungry and looking for “other peoples’ food to eat, well, she thought I was “fear mongering“.

With that being said – she is happy having the food, but, she just does not want to talk about it!

I fully believed our country was heading in the wrong direction economically and that inflation would be setting in going forward. Since I had started storing food early on, the prices have risen greatly since then. Fortunately, I started early enough to acquire a pretty good supply of canned goods, bottled water, and some rice, beans and powdered milk.

There are many different reasons why some people will not store food, some are like my wife who says “I cannot live daily in fear”, my opinion is that if you are somewhat prepared, that alone should eliminate much fear. Of course not all potential situations can be foreseen.

Churches do what they can to help in emergency situations, but they are limited by their own supply, and I believe that the people in charge of that food will be sure that they and their families are cared for first – in my opinion,  it is only right.

Then there are the people that believe they have a right to other peoples food, like the child who will move in with their parents, or, the parents who will move in with their children.

Then there is the next door neighbor who has seen you lugging stores in, or the co-worker you shared information with. They both know where their supply of food is when they run out and the store shelves are empty, they may be paying you a visit.

There are some people, usually real close friends, that talk about what they will do when the SHTF – they will all band together and  share. Well, what if no one has stored any food, or, what if the event is such that isolation is required like an epidemic or pandemic.

The guy with a gun who has not prepared with food storage, will not stand by and watch his family starve to death. If you have a gun and you have not set aside adequate food supplies, you could be in that situation. And, in a worse case episode, you will lie, cheat, steal or even worse – your life will never be the same.  Food storage will be your salvation.

Of course, your buddy down the block has his garage filled with “man toys” and his wife collects dolls, seriously collects dolls. So, there is no room for food storage, or for that matter, the money for extra food and their hobby‘s.

Across the street from your buddy down the block is the guy who remembers Y2K and the huge embarrassment  he suffered over that debacle. In other words “it ain’t gonna happen” – so he is not going to waste time and money preparing.

It is better to be prepared and it not happen, then have it happen and not be prepared!

One of the web sites I have used preparation is My Patriot Supply:

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Looking back at some of the past major events like Katrina and present day Sandy and just how much help the government provided in a timely manner – do you really believe the feds will be there within hours? What really surprises me is how many people still believe in the government and their timely help.

If you have been buying up gold, silver and bullets instead of food – well, in a crisis, food may be more valuable than gold or silver or bullets – when people are starving, they are not going to share or trade their food.

I am by no means an expert on preparing for an economic collapse, a flood, a chemical spill, a terrorist attack, or any other unexpected catastrophic event. But, I have been doing my research and have found some very knowledgeable people who are willing to share their knowledge with others less experienced or knowledgeable.

In my opinion, food and water should be first on the list, followed a very close second by the means to protect what you have stored away. What comes to mind first, for most people are guns and ammunition, important, but there are other ways that are just as important.

In upcoming post I will write about some of the information I have found and links to the original source which may explain things a little better. First food and water – the cheapest way possible.

I hope that you will leave your comments sharing your preparedness ideas and experiences, or even the reasons for not preparing, so that others may benefit.

Thank you,

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