What are 4 basic emergency supplies?

What are 4 basic emergency supplies?

In case of a disaster emergency and/or a civil or economic breakdown, there are 4 major needs for survival – food, water, medical supplies and shelter.

“Survival is merely a question
of knowing where the dangers
are and how to recognize them,
and how to take advantage of
the resources offered by the country.”
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

How to Stay Alive in the Woods: A Complete Guide to Food, Shelter and Self-Preservation Anywhere

Emergency food and water are at the top of my list to have stored away. Others may opt for guns and bullets – very important, but I would think that a gun and bullets would be on or near your person at all times and will travel with you nearly everywhere you go.

Silver and Gold – of lesser importance since food and water may be more valuable over time. Paper money will be of little use.

So, I will start this little research journey by finding the best information I can concerning emergency food supplies.

Food Supplies and Storage

Food, probably the most important, at this time is plentiful most everywhere you go in the US. But, that could change over night.

The Wall Street Occupiers were trying to shut down all of the west coast shipping ports this summer and late fall, causing shipping to be re-routed to other ports. They may have been trying the same on the east coast.

The protestors have promised to return this spring, maybe even sooner, much stronger, better organized and better funded. I fear that they may also target food distributors, and those 18 wheelers may stop running.

There is a new program on television, hi-jacked truck  “bounty hunters”(I believe that is the name) – which deals with hi-jacked trucks transporting goods around the country and those who hunt for those trucks. More and more hi-jacking may come about as the economy continues to collapse and food and gas become more expensive.

A plan for storage of food is important, I believe in 3 levels of storage, which I will get into in a later post.

Since living in Montana, a large part of our food is trucked in – it would only take a few days for store shelves to empty in an emergency. If the truck shipments are halted or detoured, life could get very difficult.

Water supplies, storage and purification:

Water storage for emergencies is very limited for most people and can be expensive due to the availability of space. Not only do you need water to drink and for cooking, water is needed for bathing, disposing of sewage, and for gardening.

If the crisis stretches longer than your stored water supplies, than other means of acquiring water needs to be planned for. If you live near a good steady source of water near where you are staying, like rivers, a neighbors pool, or a lot of rain puddles, then a means of purifying that water is needed.

Portable water filtering and purification systems are needed. I will get more into this in a later post.

Emergency Medical supplies, organization and storage:

First off I am not in any way trained in the medical profession – you will need to do your own research based upon your doctor’s recommendations, your particular situation, the needs of your family and the conditions under which you will be forced to live. And for how long you may be required to live under those conditions.

I have been researching this subject and I am of the opinion – being prepared for any medical needs for yourself and/or your family – not only is time-consuming, but, being prepared for any eventuality seems to never end. Possibly never end.

Much of my research stems from blogs written by qualified nurses and doctors interested in catastrophic medical preparation.

There is one medical book which is mentioned often since it deals primarily for situations where there is no highly qualified medical personnel or facilities available.

Where There Is No Doctor “A village health care handbook”

Emergency shelter:

Staying warm during an emergency may mean the difference between life and death. Therefore, a plan needs to be in place.

If conditions are such that you will need to “survive in place” in your home, then you will need to make a plan of preparation. The storage of food and water, candles, oil lamps and oil, battery operated radio and extra batteries, medications, a means of preparing food, etc.

Do not forget a means of protecting your home from outsiders, there are many who are not prepared for any kind of disaster and will do what ever it takes to care for their family. Probably the best thing to do is keep a low profile in your preparations.

If the emergency is such that you will need to completely leave the area, then a plan of safe exit and travel to that place needs to be mapped out. A survival package should be either available for fast pickup in your home, or, in your vehicle, ready to go at a moments notice.

If you are completely unprepared for the disaster before you and you need to leave the area and fend for you and your family, then at least have some survival books handy. Many good books on surviving the wilderness may be found on Amazon.

There is much more information that will be posted at a later date.


Many of the internet survival blogs recommend preparing for an emergency several different ways – depending upon the emergency, where you are located, and what you already have at hand.

In my case, an economic emergency might be the most probable problem. If the economy collapses and banks fail, the US dollar is hit hard by inflation and the town would be cut off from supplies – then a stockpile of food and water is needed.

And maybe some….

Outdoor Survival Skills

Since we do not live in an area which could be ravaged by flooding or volcanoes (well, Yellowstone is supposed to blow any day now, if that happens there is no where for us to run too) a packed 7 day “Emergency Kit” is not a high priority item. But a well stocked pantry of canned food and bottled water is.

So, back to where you may live, let’s suppose you live in a large city or suburb, located directly in a flood plain, a flash flood plain, or tornado alley, perhaps only minutes to safety. In this worst case scenario, you will need something handy like a ready packed, handy to grab “Emergency Kit” which will last for several days or more for each member of the family.

There are several online sources for these kits, however, I have been doing much research over the Christmas holiday, the ready packed “Emergency Kits” may be a life saver in your area should one or 2 be packed in your auto.

Deluxe Emergency Backpack Kit

Just in case my food and water supplies run out, my back-up plan is to grow my own food, so I have purchased a good supply of non-GMO (Heirloom) seeds for planting as well as gardening books and equipment.

The seeds were purchased from My Patriot Supple.

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