Cattail Fluff for Survival

Cattail Fluff for Survival

Cattail Survival in the Wilderness

The typical cattail will be found in a lofty swamp, usually flourishing in heavy stands or in slough locations as well as bogs. Different species of cattail are likely spotted around the world, and these each possess grass-like upright leaves as well as rigid stems, that will be crowned with a sausage-like brownish dome of seeds.

Also available are countless succulent and handy components of those plants, particularly the seed crown fuzz that possesses a lot of usages for survival and also support, here are some.

“A Survival Dinner

Cattails are the supermarket of the wilds. The young cob-like tips of the plant are edible as is the white bottom of the stalk, spurs off the main roots and spaghetti like rootlets off the main roots. They have vitamins A, B, and C, potassium and phosphorus. The pollen can be used like flour.”

A Passable Insect Repellent

The smoke off a burning cattail seed crown could satisfy as pest repellent in a crunch. Put the burning cattail head on a flames secured exterior, sit up from your spot and the pest fending off vapor is going to float around you as long as 20-30 minutes. You might even keep the seed cap connected to the stem, and put the stem in the earth as a base.

It appears that some folks use cattails for decoration – be sure to check these ideas out.

Keep Warm– Cattail Insulation

You are able to utilize cattail fuzz inside your head wear, clothing, shoes and some other thing of comfort. It’s just like a garden derived adaptation for feather down.

Use Has Tinder to Start a Fire

When split out of the seed crown, the cattail fuzz enlarges into a fluffy and hairy stuff– excellent for snagging sparks off a flint bar. Only be sure to mix a few other tissues along with it. Cattail fuzz might flare up quite swiftly, frequently too easily!

Char Cloth  –  Fire Starting

Char cloth happens to be a charred tinder compound that is excellent to fire initiating along with old fashioned flint and metal outfits. Or, perhaps anytime choosing the sun’s radiations to launch a fire with a magnification glass. So as to make this convenient stuff, just jam a metal box full cattail wool. Punch a hole in the box. Then place the box into a campfire for about 5 minutes.

“Eastern Indians used cattails extensively, not only for food, but for hemp and stuffing. In fact, one Indian word for cattails means “fruit for papoose’s bed.” The fluff was used in diapers and for menstruation.”

Oil Lamp Wicks

Indians were really the very first human beings to walk America. These folks provided a lot of inventive solutions to endure throughout the worst version of the New World. One way that they lit their caves and rock shelters was with a simple oil lamp. And a small quantity of cattail fleece growing up out of the oil created a good wick. I imagine oil was extracted from various animal hunts.

For more in-depth use of cattails visit Eat The Weeds website.

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