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How to live a strategic life


With the constant flow of information these days, how do you ever find the time really relax and think…..

Do you remember a time when you could handle a lot more than you can now?  I do.  The bottom line is that  life is simply more complicated now than twenty or thirty years ago.  We are bombarded daily with hundreds of texts, emails, social media, pop-up ads, and visual content everywhere.


Attitude of Survival


Keep in mind, when a catastrophe hits, a large majority of people are not prepared mentally to handle the situation properly, they can be dangerous….

All things thought of, the most vital thing we can bring with us into any SHTF situation may be a positive mental attitude. Don’t laugh. Things are hard enough as it is once the proverbial snowball begins rolling downhill whether the triggering event is political, economic, environmental, or a mix of all three.

Seven Wishes – Attitude

best wishes

Here is a list of attitudes everyone should have..

I wish for you to be bold. Bold in your actions.  Bold in your wisdom.  Strong in your determination, spirit, relationships, and faith.  Be brave in your choices; especially the ones that are difficult to make.  Take a stand, even if other people do not see the value of it.  Do not be afraid to be a strong, independent girl.  The world needs them.

Bikini Islanders Demand Move to the U.S.


I remember much about these nuclear tests back in the 1950’s, I was only in my early teens. My impression was that all residents had been moved out of radiation harms way. This is the first I have heard of this since I can remember……The U.S. Government should be taking care of these people…..

“Constant nuclear testing by the United States in the 1950s has forced inhabitants of Bikini Atoll to demand rehabilitation and a permanent move to the U.S. mainland. A very small community living in the central Pacific region had been forced to move from their houses due to repetitive nuclear testing conducted by the U.S. The resulting change in climate and rising level of water over the years has now left them with no other option than to ask for shelter and protection from the U.S.”

Cocoa and Dark Chocolate


I always knew this stuff was good for you….really!!

You see, the ancient Mayan civilization prized the wild cacao tree (Botanical name: Theobroma cacao) which means “Food of the Gods”, also dubbed “Black Gold.” So valuable in fact, early visitors to the New World noted that the cocoa bean was used as currency. Back then, money did grow on trees!

Guilty about being stressed?


This article may help with the reasons behind the stress you may be suffering from…

“Let’s talk about stress. We all experience it to varying degrees in our life, and it can be overwhelming. According to the American Psychological Association, 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms of stress, and 33% of people feel like…”