Automotive Survival Kit


Most of us driving back and forth to work or to the store never really give much thought to problems on the road when we will only be away for a few minutes  after all, we have a cell phone and can call for help. But, how about that trip on the weekend….

I have been driving for some time now and I am not talking about a trip on the weekends or a 15 minute drive. I drive almost 3 hours daily, 7 days a week. I spend most of my day away from home and only thing I can rely on is my car. I need my car to have all the things I may need in any kind of situation. So as soon as i started driving, I started to put things in my car which I thought were important and got rid of the unimportant ones over time. After about half a year this practice led to a holistic kit being formed which can solve many situations.