Europe’s War Zones

Where are War Zones in Europe

There is a conflict occurring in Europe. Other than a few brave truth-tellers as well as a number of internet sites, there is virtually no exposure.

Sharia and the Media

The Sharia-compliant media either censors or leaves out any sort of coverage of the war. Anytime the death toll is unavoidable, mental illness is blamed, coupled with Islamophobia plus “fear of reprisals.”

These words are harsh nevertheless, the reality exists: almost nothing will separate the violent fights from battle situations anymore. Juvenile Muslims rampage in the Essonne, the outskirts of Paris where the lawless zones are. These are Battle zones, where police are met with mortar and gunfire.

Recent Incidents in the European War Zones

The most recent incident was last Monday inside the La Grande  Borne region.

A police patrol was targeted with gunfire discharged from pipes that are utilized to steer their direction. When the cops went through the residence, they were able to get their hands on twenty containers of munitions!

One youth was sentenced to a “reminder to law” the exact same type of penalty you get if you are actually found out in the bus without a permit. The second was given a little judicial summons.

But, the French Prime Minister dares to profess that he plans to keep discipline?

The Square Surcouf complex in Grigny 2 is frequently the locale of violent confrontations among the Muslims and police.

During the evening of July 7, authorities had arrived once again right into an ambush in Grigny 2.
” Each time, the pattern is the same,” said a Juvisy-sur-Orge officer. ” A car is set on fire and you’re greeted with bocce balls,  and appliances falling from the windows and mortars, and yes, mortars.”

That night, 3 officers out of the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) were injured on the lower arm by means of shots.

” It’s becoming a pattern, we face it every time there is urban violence,” says a policeman.

A commissioner confirms: ” The firing of mortars often follows ‘discontent’ and comes as a respond to waves of arrest.”

Which was the situation in July 2015 in Les Ulis, a Paris fringe, soon after the dismantling of a drug trafficking network.

Absolutely no media person, nor public servants are carrying out their responsibility. They fail to ask reasons why the authorities permit these sorts of weapons. They will not inquire just why they set loose the criminals.

For more on Islam, there is a list of publications on

For additional “effectiveness” cardboard tubes have been substituted by longer PVC pipes looted from building and construction sites, a technique initiated by Arab Palestinians in Gaza.

” This allows them to have a more accurate shot,” says one official.

” They get mortars on the Internet via foreign websites,” added a ranking officer.

” It will take the death of an officer before the threat is seen seriously”

The French people are never enabled to possess weapons to protect themselves. They will be defenseless if a civil conflict happens.

Perhaps, the problems Europe is going through as outlined above, might be coming to the U.S – soon!

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A Usable Suburban Survival Plan

Suburban Survival For When TSHTF

Generally, there is a lot to think about more than merely food as well as water. LOTS more! It’s best to have your mind, body, abilities as well as provisions available ahead of time. If there’s never a grid-down urgent situation, you’ll even so be readied for almost nearly anything.

What would you do in a REAL emergency? What if you don’t possess property or perhaps those capabilities?

An Affordable Bug-Out Plan

An affordable bug out site or Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD) place is a wish and an aspiration for plenty of a prepper. Sadly, while, few of us can purchase those multi-hundred-thousand dollar properties we find on The Television with orchards, solar energy, stocked ponds, and all the bells and whistles.

Discount Survival Book Section on

Also a modest property out in the country is an added cost, not solely for survival or preparedness but as a location to head to while the kids and grandkids are small. Time in the country makes for lots of happy recollections. Anyone might want to get out of Dodge basically to escape the stresses of everyday life.

If this is a dream and a goal for you, the primary step is to locate a budget-friendly, usable GOOD property for your household, ideally, one that is a fun quick break and summer escape as well. As soon as you’ve located that dream piece of land, then it’s time to layout and build your dream property. All without breaking the bank or having to drive too far for a suburban survival place.

Survival Book section

Some ways to assist your preparation to choose a “GOOD” property.

Decide just how far you’re able to drive, in both hours and miles, and then mark those distances on a map, proceeding in various paths from your present residence. This might lead you to the perfect area you hadn’t considered.

An additional consideration is the ground you will have to drive on. Given your location, many of potential locations involve twisty, back road or predominantly journeyed freeways. Those will definitely influence your choices.

There are some very good websites which cover many areas of survival, for more information check out:

The Suburban Jungle and The Survival Mom

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Survival in Open Water

Ship Wreck – Airplane Crash – Swept out to Sea “Survival”

Whether or not you are stranded in the ocean or on a sizable lake as a result of an airplane crash, a sinking boat, or getting swept out to sea by an undertow, the remoteness of being stranded in the ocean can be a distressing experience.

Staying Afloat

Stop and think, how will you stay afloat, what are your shelter options during the day, what are the possibilities of finding fresh water and food sources?

Staying afloat could be handled numerous ways– explore the immediate area for drifting debris within swimming range. If you are fortunate there might be a raft or lifeboat handy.

You can float on your back if the water is not very rough, keeping your head above water. In rough water, face down in the water is necessary, holding your breath as long as comfortable.

Locating Fresh Water

If you’re lucky and have secured some sort of floatation device which enables you to be out of the water, locate fresh water.

When you are stranded in a fresh body of water, not a problem. Drifting about in the ocean may be a problem.

Your body will only be able to last a few days, 4 or 5 at the most, without fresh water. If you have watched some of those “survival” shows on the History Channel, consuming urine has actually been recommended. Not really a good idea due to the salt content.

A good idea to be prepared, no matter what the situation for survival may be – 

However, if you are able to accumulate the urine in a container and place some kind of clear plastic over that container, evaporation could accumulate on the plastic. This can be consumed.

Collect rainwater if possible. Another source of moisture can be found in fish.

Securing Food

The ocean has several sources of food, such as fish, and plankton. So as to catch the fish, some form of gear is needed. If not handy– improvise. A shoestring could be used as fishing line, then a hook needs to be fashioned from anything metal that may be handy.

There may be something to eat in floating seaweed, check for small sea creatures.


When there is no likely way to control your drift, save your energy until you either site land or a vessel that is within paddling range. You would be better off signaling a ship and waiting for recovery.

In case you find yourself adrift in the ocean, beware of sharks.

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