In the event of the “Apocalypse”, what will be most scarce

the box is empty

With only monts to go until the Presidential election, I believe this is the most dangerous time…

One thing that I have heard bandied about regularly is exactly what the most valuable commodity would be in a post-apocalyptic scenario.If we are suddenly plunged into a Mad Max meets The Walking Dead, every-man-for-himself world, what exactly would be the most valuable commodity?


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What has ever happened to “DUE PROCESS”

survival camping

Slowly but surely, our rights to freedom are being eroded through the courts and regulations….

This week has been a busy one in the news, what with a historical vote in the UK, America’s own presidential race, and more examples of the court-supported end of due process.



It might be time to resume prepping


Inspite of what you hear from the White House about how evrthing is improving economicly, it may not be the truth….

Rioters will throw debris such as shopping carts and trash cans into the intersection, causing the more timid drivers to pause. The mobs will swarm the lines of trapped cars once they have stopped.


Homeland Security and the 2nd Amendment

Homeland Security

Excuses, it is sameful that “progressives” use the blood of innocent victums to push their agenda….

Since President Obama took office his administration has done everything they can to push gun control on the American Public, including signing numerous unconstitutional executive orders to prevent Americans from obtaining the firearms they need to protect themselves from the psychopaths of the world.


And the beat goes on for loss of our 2nd Amendment Rights

no appeal for gun owners

With everything happening so very fast here in the U.S. and the court cases concerning the 2nd Amendment, where will be be in 5 months….

Obama’s war on gun owners continues.

Apparently the Department of Justice reports that 95% of initial denials under NICS are ‘false positives’. And now there is no longer an appeals process if you are one of the unlucky one’s who failed a NICS check upon purchasing a firearm, when there has been a mistake…


An assisted opening pocket knife – review

Sweet Pocket Knife

I have an Assisted opening pocket knife, which I purchased at a garage sale, not the same brand…a little on the heavy side, but handy.

I found the Kershaw OSO Sweet Assisted Opening Pocket Knife on Amazon for under $20 and figured I couldn’t go wrong for that price for this particular brand.  The first thing I noticed when I took the knife from the box was how lightweight it felt.

Now we know just what is coming across the southern border


If you still believe the spin put out by the White House, maybe tis article will shine some light…..

According to the Washington Times, immigration officials have now confirmed that smuggling rings operating from Brazil to Mexico have been moving “migrants” from middle east terror hot beds into the United States via the southern border.


It is going to be a long, hot civil unrest summer

violent protesters

The Mainstream Media and their desire for the Left to win as well as their desire for ratings, will be doing a little…..

The Mainstream Media is playing down the mob violence in San Jose yesterday where hordes of illegal aliens, criminals, and left-wing nutjobs rioted and viciously attacks trump supporters outside of a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California.