If you have not been following the crisis in Venezuela, you should

food supply

Venezuala today is a good example of just how terrifying the failure of a Socialist country can be….

As you probably know already Venezuela is collapsing in a pretty dramatic way. The situation has been critical for years now but people are now running out of food.

This Business Insider article illustrates the situation well, ‘We want out of this agony’: What it’s like to eat in a country that’s on the verge of collapse”.

One of the more telling materials in it is the series of photos showing how much food typical families in Venezuela have left.


Will you suffer any or all of these survival failures


Learning what these survival failures are now, this minute, will help you to prepare to survive……

When confronted with survival situation human beings have the potential to overcome challenges, beat incredible odds, and come out a survivor.  However, in survival situations, many people fail to survive not for lack of physical ability or resources, but because of lack of will.


What about future “executive orders” and your survival

Not only do we need to prepare for future natural events, but “martial law” could be on the horizon…..

This video goes into detail regarding the executive orders and preparations for martial law takeover, and the preemptive moves to nullify the rights of all Americans.

What if there is a MegaQuake in the near future on the west coast


If FEMA is preparing, you should be as well, think about over crowed human dump zones….

The Drill, dubbed Cascadia Rising, will bring together local and state emergency responders, FEMA, and a number of military organizations and government first responders. The Drill comes as a number of top scientists are warning the Cascadia Subduction Zone is a disaster waiting to happen.


What items to look for while on the hunt at yard sales, flea markets, etc.


This is a very good list of items to look for, print off the list to take with you while on the hunt….

Next time you head out to a yard sale, thrift store, estate sale, or anywhere else that has bargains, keep this list in mind.


Preparing for when SHTF on a budget

Survival cache

Much affordable survival gear and literature can be acquired at yard sales, garage sales and flea markets, here are some aditional means……

By Drew, a contributing author of Survival Cache & SHTFBlog

While operating under this self-imposed budget, I’ve used, carried, and tested a LOT of low-priced new or “previously-enjoyed” items for lower prices.  Yes, some of them were complete and utter crap, but there have been several shining stars that really enhanced my life on a daily basis;