Here’s a way to clean that old cast iron fry pan you found at a yard sale

how to clean cast iron

Pre Ringer can be found on Amazon and is relative in-expensive. The follow are some good instructions….

Let me begin at the beginning.  Six months ago, on a lark, I ordered this chain-like gizmo called “The Ringer”.  The purchase was based upon one of those “just for you” suggestions from Amazon and in a moment of weakness, I fell for it.  Little did I know that cleaning my cast iron skillets would become so easy.  Not that cleaning cast iron is difficult, mind you, but it can and does take some time.


The many benefits of an air or CO2 rifle or pistol


Pelets or BBs, CO2 or air, all are inexpensive and have huge benefits under certain circumstances….

Although some are quick to write off  an air rifle as a weapon of choice, there are many advantages to carrying an air rifle versus a crossbow or center-fire rifle. There are a wide range of air rifle offerings that extend well beyond the traditional BB gun that you may have used as a kid to ward off crows or prairie dogs. They can be used for hunting, training for self-defense and for effective target practice.


Some helpful ways for prepping on the “cheap”


If you have not started prepping or you do not even have a plan, this article is a good start….

One of the recurring excuses for not getting prepared is that preparedness costs too much.  It’s true that some aspects of preparedness are going to require an investment of money, however, cost is no excuse for not doing something!  There are lots of ways to get prepared for free!

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A successful old prepper and the young


This is good advice, however, in this day and age, the politics of the young are such that they conflict with us old “preppers”….

As an old prepper one thing I  can do is to pass along our life experiences.  Depending on the age of the young people, teenagers in particular, they won’t pay attention.  So write them down, these types of stories have a tendency to go from junk to treasured family history upon our deaths. Write about the hardships you have faced and overcome.

Why are the rich fleeing Chicago

riots in the city

How soon when Martial Law is imposed in Chicago and perhaps in some other locals…..

Taxpayer bailouts, harsher regulations, and more and more policing of every aspect of life would soon follow. If Chicago goes the way of Detroit, it will be not only because of crime and racial tension, but because the jobs, the opportunity and the future have all been shipped overseas and sold off to the highest bidder.


How soon until the US dollar has a reset


With all of the financial problems arounf the world, countries, state and banks carrying heavy debt, something has to give….

I have been following recent events this week of the emergency Federal Reserve meetings, the admission by Deutsche Bank of precious metals price rigging, China’s new ‘Interbank Payment System’ (CIPS), and the new gold trading market at the Shanghai Gold Exchange.


Is there a survival library in your town

survival library

Building a survival book library at home is expensive to purchase and in storage……

Why Every Survival Community Needs a Library

My garage is full of prepping and survival books stored in boxes. These are books in print format, both hardback and softback.  Many were Prepper Book Festival tomes that have been either read or scanned, then set aside as I moved on to the next book on the list.  The really good ones were also acquired in eBook or audiobook format so they would be more convenient to read or listen to on the go.


Concealed carry in Chicago – who would have thought

concealed carry

Not only will the streets be a little safer in Chicago, but the bad guys will have second thoughts about breaking in…..

With the anti-gun stronghold of Chicago, nobody thought the state of Illinois the last holdout against lawful concealed carry would ever pass a shall-issue permit law. Surprise they did!

Is your child prepared in an emergency

Prepping Your Kids

child prepared in an emergency

It seems the closer we get an election, the more the administration will do to anger the people, safety first for children….

Being a parent means that your kids are the very first things you worry about. Doubly so when it comes to prepping your kids for emergency situations. Our first thoughts in any emergency are for our children; we want them to be healthy, safe, and not scared.

Do you have too much cash in your bank account – ATM lock down may be coming

atm lock down

You may find yourself locked out of your ATM if you are trying to withdraw a large amount of cash….

Last month All News Pipeline warned that major banks were preparing to tighten the screws on American account holders starting April 1st.

It appears that the lock-down of cash has begun.