How to live a strategic life


With the constant flow of information these days, how do you ever find the time really relax and think…..

Do you remember a time when you could handle a lot more than you can now?  I do.  The bottom line is that  life is simply more complicated now than twenty or thirty years ago.  We are bombarded daily with hundreds of texts, emails, social media, pop-up ads, and visual content everywhere.


Improvise – Make a candle out of an orange

home made candle

There are some pretty smart and industrios people out there, check out this little handy idea….

When Thomas Edison invited the lightbulb, the world got a whole lot brighter. But what happens when you lose electricity for a matter of days? How can you see at night? Well, you can make candles with what you’ve got! During the daytime, you can make all the candles you need, so when the dark creeps up on you, you have light.

A visit to the “Dollar Store” for prepper items

carabiner clips

You can visit a “Dollar Store”, but it is a good idea to have a list of possible items to purchase…

Most of us don’t have a ton of extra income, so when it comes to prepping, it often takes a back seat to every day expenses. After all, Jay Leno used to have a segment called “Things found at the dollar store”. There were creepy toys, and my favorite, a small toilet, that when you lifted the lid, had lip gloss in it!


Garden seed saving tips – comments

swaveing seeds

Gardening is important, but harvesting and saving the seeds for future planting is necessary as well, but the right seeds need to be used….

In this, my first guest blog for, I’d like to share with you a few tips on how to store your own seeds. These are tricks I’ve picked up from my mother and grandmother, other survivalist and organic gardeners I know or have known in my lifetime, or just simply by me learning the hard way and adapting my methods.


An introduction to survival medicine

food for survival

Fortunately, I stumbled upon this website several years ago, and my medical preparedness is in pretty good shape…..

Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, ARNP are the medical experts for Jack Spirko’s popular Survival Podcast, and today take a question from Josh, who has four children that have issues with allergies although it’s never been an issue in his family. Dr. Alton discusses the Hygiene Hypothesis of why we’re experiencing an epidemic of allergies these, days, and how to recognize and deal with severe reactions.

Is it likely your auto with an automatic transmission will be stolen

not a stick shift

I was fortunate to have grown up when there not many automatic transmissions, like riding a bicycle, one never forgets….

stick less likely to get stolen
stick can be coasted or bump started if the battery is low
stick doesn’t have transmission cooler lines and radiators springing leaks
stick can be shifted with left hand, elbow or partner in the passenger seat


Lessons learned from the great depression


Fortunately, things are different today, what with all of the different government programs that the population can access in bad times, but still, being frugal is important….

During the Great Depression, frugality was considered a virtue and the phrase “Use it up, Wear it out and Make it do” was the guiding principal in most households.

Times were tough.  This meant that everything from bits of strings to worn out clothing was saved and re-purposed in some other manner.


How to survive a Martial Law situation


We do not know how the White House will handle things for the next 8 months, there is anger across the nation….

We live in uncertain times and with constant threats knocking at our doors. One day, we might live under Martial Law and although the use of Martial law should bring end to the scenario that imposed it, most of the times it will lead to further violence and chaos. The United States, like many other nations has a long history when it comes to Martial law and some fear it may soon be upon us.


Have a small garden, what should you raise for prepping


There are many books out there that will address your particular situation for growing a garden, even when you have very limited space….

Here is a list of garden crops to grow in a small homesteading garden give homesteaders with limited growing space good options. While fresh produce is the healthiest, unless you know everything about where it is grown, you cannot really be sure how safe it actually is.


What is a safe passage home when an event happens…

getting home safely

It is a good idea to prepare and practice a means of getting home during an event that will be difficult under normal conditions…

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