More Wilderness survival skills – video

This is part 3 of 4, very interesting video explaining how to start a fire, most interesting though, how to test for for plants for poison….

“Hand Drills are a very, very universal, very ancient way, to make fire by friction. Some of the benefits of making a hand drill over a bow drill are that it is much simpler to make. Not as many moving parts and not as fidgety. On the flip side of it is one of the cons is that it takes much more practice and really perfect material and perfect form to be able to perform hand drills reliably.”

When Soldiers practice their survival skills

Even the Military practice their survival skills in the mountains – practice makes perfect…

LETHBRIDGE – About 40 soldiers put their military skills to the test in the Porcupine Hills forest over the weekend.

Regimental Command Post Officer, Captain John McDonald said that while out in the forest they had several tasks to complete.


Could HomeLand Security learn something from this guide

survival guide

This is a 340 page survival preparedness guide, put out in Tokyo, not a bad idea…..

The “Disaster Preparedness Tokyo” guide (subtitled “Let’s Get Prepared”) was designed for Japanese residents to prep for an earthquake and other potential disasters hitting Tokyo. Nevertheless, it offers universal things you can do to stay safe in an emergency, wherever you are. The well-illustrated survival tips also cover basic first aid, emergency supplies, and clever uses.

Are you guilty of Stereotyping


Stereotyping is really a part of “street smarts”, some may say it is wrong under certan conditions, but, these days, it sure comes in handy…..

Image you are driving in your car in an unfamiliar city. Your phone is dead, you are running on empty, and it is pouring rain. You grit your teeth just hoping your car will make it to a gas station or, in the very least, a safe stopping point. You drive deeper into neighborhoods with boarded up buildings, storefront churches, cash advance outfits, and the like.

Chicken for dinner – how to

rooster for dinner

A very graphic lesson in butchering a chicken – a little different from when I was a kid in the early 1940’s from how my mother did it….

While they are beautiful and can be useful, we aren’t able to keep them due to their crowing. Wanting to be good neighbors, we made sure they didn’t stay very long. However, our regular chicken processor isn’t wasn’t able to take care of them, so it was up to us.
So, we pulled up our big kid pants and got to work. Here’s the rooster we did first. Beautiful, yes. Irritating as all get out! All day and night he would crow, so he had to go! (got my Dr. Seuss on there)


A survival Hatchet review

hand axe

This article is a very extensive review of this hatchet and how quality is determined…..

The result is that quality hand hatchets have an overall head thickness not much more than a knife blade. The result of this simplistic design is that it produces a low mass head relative to the handle, and absolutely no significant inertia wedging as the head slams into the workpiece. Instead the blade slides neatly into the wood like a screwdriver wedging its parallel sides tightly against the wood grain. And that is if you can generate enough speed to make the hatchet head cut more than just superficial wounding the branch. Otherwise a simple band aid will fix the cut in the cellulose.

Some Wilderness survival traps

wilderness traps

Those of you who love to live in the wild, but have not yet learned how, you could start here…..

If you’re a big fan of spending time in the wilderness, you probably know a little bit about different survival techniques. I mean, it’s always a good idea to learn a couple tips and tricks when you’re hanging out in the elements with wild animals.

So here are five traps that will serve you well in case you ever need food, or if you need to protect yourself from predators. These inventive contraptions aren’t exactly traditional, but they’re uniquely useful.

Urban Survivalist – A grow guide for city dwellers

container garden

This will work quite well if you lots of outdoor space and sunshine available…..

Note: this guide is aimed at those who intend to garden in containers, rather than directly into soil. If you have a small plot click here

What happens when the potting mix runs out of nutrients?
What about pests, especially when insecticides aren’t available?
What about winter and early spring, when even the hardiest veg refuses to grow?

Do you know how to Knap Flint and to make a Atlatls

You never know when the occasion arises that you will need to make you own tools, either for defense or food gathering……

“People have been flint knapping ever since there were people. Just about everything that our natives used to survive with had to do with sharp rocks needed to make for hunting food, make tools for farming, for skinning animals, to processing meat, to making cordage, to making fire sets, to making back packs to making t-pees. Everything they did had to do with how much of this sharp rock was in their area.”

A good reason you need out doors survival gear

out door gear

Different gear will be needed for different occasions and where you are located at the time of the event…..

In an urbanized milieu, what are the available out of doors survival gear and gear that you will want that will be helpful in an emergency situation? While within the process of conceptualizing the contents of your kit together, it’s essential to put emphasis on safety items.