What to do during a Pandemic – How to prepare

prepare for pandemic

Pandemic preparation will be a little different from other forms disasters, however , it would not hurt to be prepared for both…..

Pandemics are more serious than epidemics, because pandemic flu does not have an available vaccine, and it can spread dangerously fast. Agencies involved in pandemic planning recommend every family have an emergency store of food on hand, because affected areas will have to endure quarantine to contain the spread of disease.


What do you do if you are handicapped or a senior citizen or both

safety levergeing

Being prepared to take care of yourself during a disaster even if you are not handicapped or a senior citizen can be problematic. But if you are a senior citizen or handicapped, good planning and preparation is very important – there might not be anyone else you can depend on…..

It is estimated (by some expert) that the majority of those over 70 years of age,  especially the physically handicapped, or those dependent on drugs, will die within the first thirty-days of a full on national disaster. I’ve actually not got a problem with that guesstimate only there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.


Have you covered all the survival bases

survive for the future

There a whole bunch of survival lists on the web and in the print media, everyone I have read has seemed to be a repeat. However, there will be an angle that is new…..

Survival isn’t nearly stockpiling water.
It comes down to a being ready for just about any assault – whether others attempting to burglary, creatures or disasters.
The finish result is identical.
If you are not prepared, you are a target.


Cops and the Military on FaceBook

facebook safety

This article was posted in 2011, if you are a police person or military, this will be helpful in this day and age….

This post is about being a cop, being on Facebook and not compromising your safety or that of your family members or co-workers in the process.


Thoughts on how to prepare your pets for survival

pet bug out packs

If you are much like myself, I never had given any thought about prepping our pets, time to do that….

When we consider bug out bags (72 hour emergency kits) for each of our family members we often don’t consider that each of our pets need one too. Anything can happen at any given time and when that time comes my pets are coming with me…and they’re coming prepared like the rest of the family. Below are lists of things to consider for your pet’s bug out bag.


Is your FaceBook safe from hackers

facebook hacking

FaceBook – are you safe from intruders collecting your information or contacting your children via FaceBook…..

There is no final word on how to use Facebook safely. Here’s why: social networking and the web change too quickly. The social network you use today is not the same one you will use tomorrow or next month. The privacy settings, functionality, connectability and features are constantly evolving, which means that almost no one has a handle on every aspect of this topic. Those who tell you that they have the final answer are probably selling you something you shouldn’t buy.


The ZEN of Survival Psychology

Survival Psychology

Knowing what to do under extreme diverse conditions is important. Here are 7 tips on how to survive….

What separates survivors from those who don’t make it? People who respond  quickly, remain clear in head, focused in their task, and have a stress free attitude, have a distinct advantage when it comes to survival. This attitude enables better intuition and judgment; whereas an overwhelmed mind just can’t think logically and  as a result leads to poor decisions. –


The shocking truth about freezing your foods

food frozen for the future

There is a time and the type of foods that should be frozen. How long should they be frozen for……

Food preservation in cold temperatures has been practiced since the early days of mankind, although not as effortlessly as today when we have powerful freezers, polythene bags and plastic containers, freezer labels and other utensils that help us better preserve food. We also have the knowledge of how to do it properly.

To make sure defrosted food is as fresh, nutritious and tasty as before freezing it, there are certain rules to follow



Be Aware – 3 Critical Winter Survival Skills

winter hypothermia

Good advice for those of you planning to be in the cold weather, whether hiking or working…..

According to the American Red Cross, dozens of Americans die each year from cold exposure in the winter. Other deaths can be contributed to frostbite, hypothermia and the damage done to the liver, kidneys and pancreas that these conditions cause.


Can you plug a bullet wound in just 20 seconds

plug a bullet wound

More and more, what is going on the world these days, bullet wounds could be more frequent than ever dreamed of in the past…..

It is called the Xstat Rapid Hemostasis System. While it isn’t new, it was only approved for military use before, but now thanks to the FDA’s blessing, it looks like civilian first responders will soon be able to use them. It works by injecting small cellulose sponges into wounds so that you don’t bleed out.

This Syringe Plugs Bullet Wounds In Just 20 Seconds