Primitive Skills for Survival

bow and arrow

I hope you are not one of those individuals who believed in “Hope and Change” was going to be better for you and your family. If you still believe things are better even when you see what is going on in the Middle East and the U.S. relation ship with other foreign countries, then you are just a little late to the party…..

You might have heard this before but it bears repeating the most valuable tool is the one on your shoulders and this can be exactly why learning primitive skills is so necessary. What would you are doing if you had nothing? What would you are doing if you had to leave everything you own and begin from scratch?

Three Months of Food and $10 Million In Gold


I wonder if other CEO’s will follow suite after reading this article. Even if your boss fails to care for you and your fellow workers, you should be preparing on your own….

While the world’s super elite prepare everything from stylish bunkers to emergency submarines, most couldn’t care less about their millions of employees should a widespread crisis strike financial markets or the economic system.

The Government’s drone wars

drone wars

Is this a good thing? Yes, as long as the government use these only to protect the U.S. citizens. But what if, with this technology so advanced now, the government turns it against those in the U.S. they deem terrorists……

DRONES ARE A TOOL, not a policy. The policy is assassination. While every president since Gerald Ford has upheld an executive order banning assassinations by U.S. personnel, Congress has avoided legislating the issue or even defining the word “assassination.” This has allowed proponents of the drone wars to rebrand assassinations with more palatable characterizations, such as the term du jour, “targeted killings.”

Drone registration mandatory

drone registration

The U.S. Government has taken a big interest in drones held by the private citizen, condemning them as dangerous, which they are if in the wrong hands, and have decided to require registration…..

The U.S. Department of Transportation in cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday announced the formation of a task force charged with the creation of a registration process for unmanned aircraft systems, otherwise known as drones.

Limits Of The Human Body


A very interesting article about just how the human body can survive under different conditions – lack of air, lack of water, lack of food. How lack of sleep affects one – how much radiation….

One hears epic accounts of people surviving bullets to the brain, 10-story freefalls or months stranded at sea. But put a human anywhere in the known universe except for the thin shell of space that extends a couple of miles above or below sea level on Earth, and we perish within minutes. As strong and resilient as the human body seems in some situations, considered in the context of the cosmos as a whole, it’s unnervingly fragile.

Wilderness Survival Camp


The movie “The Martian” seems not only to be very popular, but it seems to be thought provoking – what if……

On Friday I went to see The Martian, which is all about how to survive on Mars. (I didn’t love it as much as Dan did, but it was entertaining enough.) The movie makes you leave the theater thinking, “Thank god I live on Earth,” but the reality is that many of us can’t survive on Earth, either—not without running water, refrigeration, electricity, and all the other amenities of modern life.

Fed’s money printing isn’t working

money supply

Here is a lesson in economics most people do not have a clue about – it is real scary if the government decides to “create” inflation…..

One of the conundrums of monetary policy over the past eight years is the Federal Reserve’s failure to cause inflation. This sounds strange to most. People associate inflation with misguided monetary policy by central banks, especially the Fed.

So-called “money printing” is seen as a certain path to inflation. The Fed has printed almost $4 trillion since 2008. Yet inflation (at least as measured by official statistics) is barely noticeable. With so much money around, where’s the inflation?

Refuse to be a Puppet


I suppose I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to doing what others want me to do, or, be what they want me to be, even though I wish differently….

If God is indeed the author of my story am I to act like a puppet or was I designed not for strings pulled by a master but to move to and fro like swimming naked in the water or dancing down the street ignoring stares from the sidelines.

Do NOT conform or quietly allow others to tell you how your story should appear. None of us is meant to live with a ball and chain dragging behind us but life loves to hold us down and stepping away from a chain is never easy but always possible.

Survival Skills We’ve Lost

survival skills

Even though I have books on wilderness survival and have read them, without practice and study, I would not be able to survive for long……

Aside from a precious few who have gone out of their way to learn basic survival skills, most of us today would be utterly hopeless if we were plopped in the middle of a forest or jungle and suddenly forced to fend for ourselves using only the resources around us. To our ancient ancestors, we’d appear as helpless as babies.

Get Started in Archery


Should you and you probably should, want to learn the use of a bow and arrow, this web site is a good place to start. Provides definitions, bow types and form…..

Archery is for everyone: it’s an easy sport to get involved in and is fun for people of almost any fitness level. Target-shooting stations can be set up in almost any large backyard, and more and more wilderness resorts are including archery in their lists of activities.