Survival games for kids


Interesting take on how kids learn to prepare for survival by playing games – but, today, it is not safe to play some of the most basic survival games by children…

Kid’s play is not just play, but rather the preparation through acting out of these basic human survival instincts.

At it’s core, kids games mimic the fundamental human tendencies of fight or flight.

Instant Meals for emergencies


The following blog is very good when it comes to meal preparation for what ever the event, pack packing, camping, in the office, school lunch….etc.

Lightweight for backpacking. After considerable experimenting, I came up with these six meals. They all use lightweight dried and freeze-dried ingredients. There are no wet ingredients or heavy cans. These 6 recipes are tried-and-true on the trail.

avoid scams


Even if you been a long time preparing for when TSHTF, and have seen just about ever offering out there, this article will be very helpful….

If you have had an interest in preparedness and survival for any length of time, you have probably seen several ads online that declare things like, “37 Things to Hoard Before it is Too Late” or “Buy This Before it is Removed From the Internet.”

Never marry a woman who….


Some good advice follows….

Never marry a woman whose ex-husbands are muscle-

bound cage fighters or NFL defensive linemen.

Never marry a woman who believes that

motherhood must come with a nanny.

Cooking and Fire Starting

camp fire

This is important to learn about, early on we started preparing for the possibility of having to cook meals without gas or power, so, we started by purchasing a small wood stove and good metal cooking items….

We take our utilities so for granted, that few of us have ever bothered to think what we might do if they were off for an extended period of time. Sure, we could build a little fire in the backyard and roast hotdogs on a stick for a couple days, but what if it was weeks, or even months, before we could once again count on the gas or electric to be there when we needed it?

Survival Card Tools

card tools

At my age, doing much traveling or needing to live on the run, is out of the question. But, maybe having something handy in my pocket for survival while grocery shopping……


In a perfect world, you’d be able to carry everything you need at your fingertips without your pockets bulging grossly, or your back being thrown out of alignment because you have an overstuffed wallet. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, but by outfitting yourself with a credit card-sized tool, you’ll get one step closer to still being able to fix any problem that comes your way without needing to resort to a full tool-kit or being forced to tote your Craftsman standing box around behind you wherever you go.

Airport Survival with a child

airport survival

Being a man with no children below the age of 50 and no plans for flying – this article does not apply to me. However, I bet there some people out there, even you men, who may benefit…..

Today I flew with my little man all by myself.

This meant planning a strategy to get through security, waiting, eating, and boarding with my almost seven month old without only two hands. I can announce we made it and with relative ease. So here are my tips for flying with an infant.

Automotive Survival Kit


Most of us driving back and forth to work or to the store never really give much thought to problems on the road when we will only be away for a few minutes  after all, we have a cell phone and can call for help. But, how about that trip on the weekend….

I have been driving for some time now and I am not talking about a trip on the weekends or a 15 minute drive. I drive almost 3 hours daily, 7 days a week. I spend most of my day away from home and only thing I can rely on is my car. I need my car to have all the things I may need in any kind of situation. So as soon as i started driving, I started to put things in my car which I thought were important and got rid of the unimportant ones over time. After about half a year this practice led to a holistic kit being formed which can solve many situations.

Chogan Tomahawk for survival


This is a pretty good review of  a bug-out item for a kit for camping…..We should learn as much about the equipment we may have to use in a survival situation.

For curious history buffs or such the term “tomahawk” or as Johnson calls his version the “T-Hawk” comes from the Powhatan term coined from the American Indian tribe by the same name.   The Powhatans were members of a confederation of tribes from Virginia.  These tribes were encountered when the English founded Jamestown in 1607.  The term tomahawk means “to cut off by tool.”

Survival Tips


It is always a good idea to check out survival tips published by others.

Each person will take a different look at certain survival situations and may have a unique slant on solving those situations….

Survival and survival training are enjoying a renewed popularity thanks to all the pseudo reality television shows floating around on the airwaves and digital universe. Many people are beginning to wonder again whether or not they have what it takes to survive in the wilderness or deserts or in an urban environment during the man-made or natural disaster. But contrary to popular belief the act of survival is nothing like what is depicted on television or in movies.