Police Go Door-To-Door


We all know how well this law has worked out – where does the person with a firearm wishing to inflict harm go – right, the “Gun-Free Zone”, no harm will come to that person there…..

When the Gun-Free School Zone Act was signed into law in 1990, it effectively created mini constitution free zones within 1000 feet of every public, private, or parochial school. While exceptions are made for firearms on private property, the law basically makes it illegal to defend yourself or others with a firearm on public property within the arbitrary school zones, unless sanctioned to do so by the state, or the school.


Third World Dictators


As bad as things are here in the U.S.A., some country’s are ruled by a dictator. Not a real good way to live, for any of those yearning for freedom. We are most fortunate!

Most third world dictators tenaciously cling to power and refuse to step down when their beleaguered people get fed up with them. One tell-tale sign is, they somehow get this absurd notion that the country belongs to them, and them alone and their families and future progeny and must rule forever.


Crisis Will Be Exponentially Worse Than 2008!


The following article was posted on the 15th of August, 2015, yesterday, the 21st of August, 2015, the global stock markets melted down.

We will not just how badly economy of these nations will be impacted until the following next few weeks….if you are not prepared……


However, China and Japan are also showing signs of trouble and ultimately the bond crisis will be coming to the US’s shores.


However, it’s critical to note that crises do not unfold all at once. The Tech Bubble, for instance, which was both obvious and isolated to a single asset class, took over two years to unfold.


As terrible as the bust was, that crisis was relatively small as far as the damage. At its peak, the market capitalization of the Tech Bubble was less than $15 trillion. Moreover, it was largely isolated to stocks and no other asset classes.


Barbados Youth being taught firefighting skills


The north west of the U.S. is burning, there are not enough firefighters to cover all of the hot spots, obviously,  the U.S. was not prepared. Check out this article about Barbados training the youth…..

 “You will be able to tell us about the elderly people that live in your community, and you will be able to take a log of that information and share it with the fire department so that we can better respond to the needs of those people in your communities. So you have a very significant and serious task ahead of you,”


Wilderness Survival merit badge

scouting survival

Scouting has certainly evolved from the days of my youth – 1940’s and 50’s. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to get into scouting, the skills you can learn today will benefit you for the rest of your life.

 The Point of Survival
Military and Scout survival training share similarities, but there are some important differences. Soldiers trapped behind enemy lines don’t want to be found; Scouts lost in a national forest most certainly do. “Signaling is a higher priority for civilians and Scouts,” Marchant says. “Rescue is the thing.”


Designed for Urban Survival


Believe it or now, there is a difference between “Wilderness Survival” and “Urban Survival”. Therefore, the tools needed for survival in the urban environs will be different from the wilderness tools.

Urban Survival & Wilderness Survival are two very different things.

Survival Gear is another area where people get caught up in the wilderness survival mentality. If you’re heading out into the wilderness, then by all means stock up on gear for that environment. But if you’re planning to face most modern day threats, you need to really consider what those threats are and where you will be when they happen.


Tactical Garment Bag

garmet bag

I live in a small town in a state that loves guns. Concealed carry is the habit of many, and open carry is allowed in this town. Since the town is so small, I never carry when we go about our business in town, but, when we leave town, for any reason, I carry.

However, the surrounding country side is beginning to be  populated and this is worry-some….

 This is why we advise keeping quiet and discreet about your prepping efforts, keeping equipment, gear, and support stuffs out of public viewing sight.  This goes so far as keeping the garage doors down when you are home or not outside or doing work around the house.


Thanks to Edward Snowden


Finally, a person who was educated in California is writing the truth! The U.S. citizen is being cataloged by its own country down to the very smallest detail, but our enemies seem to escape our governments grasp…..

 With so much data and tools at its disposal, the US appeared to be unaware that Mullah Omar was deceased all this while. Mullah Omar was on America’s most wanted list for almost 15 years. Pentagon official Rear Admiral Kirby had been claiming that he was still considered a threat early in 2015. With access to all this information, aided by aircraft and satellite surveillance,…..


Better Optical Fire Starting

fire starter

As a kid, I did use a magnifying glass on ant hills, do not remember if I tried to start a fire, maybe because I was probably not successful.

Well, maybe I was not using the proper materials…..


the Right Survival Gear

survival knife

There are many websites advertising survival gear, some is very good, much is not. It is a good idea to weed out the sites that are offering cheaply made items, this could be time consuming and expensive.

The following article provides some in-sight….

 When you start to look for survival information, often times you are bombarded with cheesy outdated pages from the 90’s, or super thin 5 page websites that look like they took 20 minutes and a cup of coffee to make. When you are choosing the right survival gear list to start planning your preparation off of, you want to look at how much time and effort the website took to make to gauge your opinion of the value the “survival expert” has placed on his own work.