Free Camping Apps for iPhone

camping apps

Good planning for the inevitable in this modern age of technology is very possible. On just your iPhone equipped with these APPS, you plan out a survival agenda and follow it through…..

 A big part of doing things in the outdoors is keeping safe. There can be many things that you don’t expect to run into and don’t know how to protect yourself from. Download Survival Guide and know how to protect yourself from certain situations. The app works like an ebook with chapters on poisonous plants, water procurement and tropical survival. Read up before you head into the wilderness or refer to it in a pinch. You may not be Tom Hanks in Castaway, but you will be more prepared in an emergency.

Humor and Satire as Survival Tools

black survival

A very interesting website with tips for survival if you are a black person, some of these tips could very helpful many cultures in a difficult situation…..

Survive a Snakebite

snake bite

This article corrects some remedies concerning actions to take when encountering venomous snakes, like, why not to use a kit…

The golden rule that every wilderness traveler should remember: Don’t put your hands and feet where you can’t see. Most rattlesnake bites occur on the extremities as you are gathering firewood or stepping over a downed log or rock pile. According to research from the University of Arizona Toxicology Center, the majority of rattlesnake bite victims are male, 18-24 years of age and intoxicated

Compass Deviation and survival


Back packing or hiking into the wilderness without a compass is crazy, I am sure most experienced hikers are aware of this. But how many people forget to plan for “compass interference”?

The following article provides some information.

A magnetic compass needle’s movement is based upon the earth’s magnetic field.  That magnetic field and the movement of the magnetic needle on its pivot point in part, determine direction.

Watch Out For China!


World events have become so dark and are so out of control, if we are not prepared as individuals, real bad times are near. The following article is important…..

Despite constant reassurances from federal overseers, Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the economy’s frail nature.

While media pundits and analysts desperately push the failure of central planning and Keynesian economics, these five experts continue to be proven right on the dangers of reckless spending and debt.

Reminder: be wilderness prepared

rescue copter

We do not do any wilderness hiking, but if we did, for sure I would be very prepared….

The three Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centres staffed around the clock by the Canadian Coast Guard and the Canadian Forces each respond to about 3,000 air, marine and humanitarian incidents annually. While there is some overlap, the statistics add up to a huge number of searches every year – not all of them with such happy endings.

A disproportionate number of them take place in the mountainous western province, which has some of the most rugged — and most accessible — terrain.

10 Years with No Power Grid

solar flair

If you have not prepared for an event like this, you may need to read this article…..

In February of this year, the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) was launched and soon will be in position to begin observing the sun from its orbit between the earth and the sun. The observatory will be used as part of a system created by the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center to warn “power companies, airlines and other susceptible industries about potentially adverse conditions.” –

Survival meal in the city

city meal

The following is a very detailed description for surviving in the city or even a small town under difficult circumstances….

While it probably won’t be easy and the average person will not want to wander on a daily basis to find food, a city can provide the urban survival hunter/gatherer with protein, sides to go with it and even the means to make a hot beverage. With some careful planning, food can be harvested from the city to supplement a dwindling supply or make up for a lack of prior planning.