Prepare Modern but Practice Primitive


It will not matter how well you have prepared for the eventual – if it suddenly happens and you only have a few seconds to “bug-out”, you will nee to find a way….

“Practicing primitive goes beyond building redundancy in gear. Stone age technology connects you to your ancestral past, no matter which part of this dirt ball your family tree grew. In this context, you appreciate the deep understanding of “primitive” people, their skills, and their knowledge required to use available resources.”

More Ultralight Backpacking Skills

back packing

Planning a hike? Want to go “light”? Here are 9 essentials to consider….

“Ultralight backpacking requires an extreme form of self-reliance where backpackers compensate for bringing less gear by having more advanced backcountry skills. While many other backpackers and day hikers have these same skills, “going ultralight,” or the less extreme “lightweight” is more committing, since ultralight backpackers carry less navigational, comfort, and convenience items in their packs.”

Bear Spray for Survival Gear

pepper spray

If you need to travel in the wilderness……

“The active ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin capsacum, which contains a compound called capsaicin, the stuff that gives it the spicy kick.  It doesn’t take much of the stuff to make you feel pain. The ‘heat’ content is measured by the Scoville scale, developed by an American named Wilbur Scoville.  Once you look at the levels of ‘heat’ in certain foods, you get the picture of pain that can be inflicted by concentrates of these peppers.”

Benefits of houseplants


I know there are some plants that have healing powers, but there are plants that help in other ways……

“Houseplants have been going in and out of vogue ever since the early Greeks and Romans starting bringing their plants in from the outdoors. The Victorians loved their potted palms and the 70s wouldn’t have been the same without ferns and spider plants … everywhere. Current style dictates a lighter hand with the green things – sculptural stems and succulents rule the roost – but the truth is this..”

Day Pack for serious hiking

Peter K

Some good advice if you are planning to hike in the country, even for a day or more….


  • “A waist band on your pack is essential to balance the load properly.  That said, when crossing swift water unbuckle the waist band so that it can be shed  quickly.

  • Peter is a big proponent of stainless steel water bottles by Klean Kanteen.  Nalgene are fine but watch out for the cheap ones from China.”

Tracking for food or safety

bobcat track

Whether looking for food or watching out for dangerous animals, it is a good idea to know what is what…..

“One of the exciting things about being out in nature is the chance to see wildlife. And while one doesn’t always get to see animals out on the trails, one can almost always find animal tracks if they know where to look. Getting to know wildlife through its tracks can provide a rich sense of connection to the animals around us.”

4-H Projects and Practical Skills

Vegetable garden - little gardener with bunch of organic carrots and beets

Like scouting groups, 4-H is a good way to learn survival skills……

“One way to make learning significant survival skills fun and achievable is to enroll your kids in organized activities that encourage, instruct and reward accomplishments. There are several of these groups already established. 4-H is an organization with a general focus on working together for positive changes. The 4-H program is designed to teach skills of all kinds through yearly projects, workshops, camps, community service opportunities, and much more.”

Financial Matrix System


Check out how politicians use their power to take control over the populace of a nation …..interesting!

In essence, the aristocratic elites of every generation have developed control matrices to exploit the productive capacity of the masses. Indeed, one of the first clues came from reading French political philosopher Bertrand De Jouvenel. In his book On Power, he wrote,

Sticky Pine Sap – Wilderness Survival


If you are a “prepper” and have planned to hit the woods for survival, then a study of the following article….

“Our ancestors walked our woodlands and learned to use the resources most modern outdoor enthusiast overlook. Essential woodland resources seem to be invisible to the modern eye. The stuff you’ve got packed in your woodcraft/bushcraft kit or bug out bag are consumable. You’ll eventually use up that roll of duct tape… or, more than likely, you forgot to pack it.”

Will America fight a guerrilla war


What are your thoughts about the Administration and how it is planning to cope with those disagreeing with their long range plans….

“While some of the 260+ command level officers fired by Obama are privately informing many of us in the media about the current state of affairs, they are not on the record.  Other than self-preservation, the major reason why these former military commanders are not on the record is because some of them are involved in planning a guerrilla war against the occupation forces commanded by this administration under the auspices of DHS.”