Jesting in jail


If you should end up incarcerated and it appears there is “no light at the end of the tunnel” – you need to do things that will help to keep you positive.

This article is about a “Holocaust survivor” and how he survived….

“Another powerful humor tool was thinking about the movie “Life is Beautiful” in which the main character, the father, convinces his son that the prison camp they were in was really a summer camp. “Seeing my prison as a place to have fun, as in the movie, helped me especially in the first few days in jail,” notes Black.”

The grey man


Something to consider if you live in an area where drug cartels operate, those who will likely kidnap for ransom……

“The first time I heard the term “grey man” was in reference to SERE (Survival Escape, Resistance and Evasion) school, where it was taught by the US Army Special Forces instructors as an adaptive survival technique when in captivity.”

Getting prepared

shop clerk

Need a good check list of budget preps in case of a rough time…..

“One of the many challenges of prepping is affording everything necessary to ride out a rough time regardless of whether it is a personal or large-scale disaster. This can make it intimidating or hard to get started with preparedness. Taking a baby-steps approach and putting your emergency stockpile together one piece at a time — and doing it with affordable items….”

Fall off a cruise ship


Are you paranoid about falling overboard while sailing or going on a cruise? Here is a interesting article….

“Every time I step on to a cruise ship with my children, I have an irrational fear that one of them will fall overboard.

It is a split-second anxiety that dissipates almost as quickly as it surfaces, especially when I look at the reassuringly high railings on the public decks and realise how difficult it must be to accidentally fall.”

Big City Street Smart

street smart

Being “street smart” is having that feeling that something just is not right….and that you need to act now.

“A lot of people ask, “Well, what is street smart? Well, according to the webster’s dictionary, Streetsmart simply means, having the shrewd awareness, experience, and resourcefulness needed for survival in a difficult, often dangerous urban environment. You can learn how to be book smart, but being street smart is a different kind of intelligence. No one learns how to be street smart…”

Fascination with Survival Gear and Skills


Some very good advice if the economy forces us to live in a hostile environment…..

“The prepper fad has caused a plethora of ideas to flourish on the internet about “survival skills”, which while great in idea and philosophy often haven’t had the test of time and exclude the many factors of reliability, convenience of carry, availability of materials, return of results for time involved in set-up”

Survives Three Days, Alaska


An interesting story of survival in the wilds of Alaska….

“He was about halfway when his snowmobile fell through sea ice and sank along with a GPS device that would have allowed rescuers to locate him, Mr Johnson said.

Having suffered internal injuries from the crash he crawled out and then, in soaking clothes, endured temperatures as low as -35F as he stumbled inland.”

The next big thing


One persons way of dealing with preparation and frustration…..

“I defended my choice while unloading the fishing hook, matches, compass, and showing him how I would defend myself against a bear. What I got was an impatient and curt reply, “If a bear gets that close to you, you would already be dead”.”

On Radical Islam


The problems with radicals has been in the news a lot lately, these cells could be anywhere….time to prepare

“Those who demand adherence to some sort of religious credo that comes with “respect” for a given form of worship and its clerics/prophets/gods/whatever and intend to and do enforce that demand with violence are by definition uncivilized animals and cannot be reasoned or negotiated with.”

If Stranded in Your Car in Winter


It is winter and people are getting stranded because of heavy snow and winds, or, heavy freeway pile ups – no telling when things will start moving again…..

“Natural disasters do not have to be widespread to threaten your safety. A localized snow storm can put you at risk if you are caught up in it.
Here are some before, during and after tips that can improve your chances of survival.”