Review for ASR Outdoor 4 Person Urban Survival Kit


New to “prepping”, still collecting your survival kit – really not sure if you have everything? Check out this review…..


“Make sure you’re prepared for any emergency situation with the ASR Outdoor 4 Person Urban Survival Kit.

The ASR Outdoor Urban Survival Kit comes with everything 4 people will need to prepare for and survive”

The Importance of Bushcraft and Survival

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I have watched many of those survival shows on TV, tried to remember all of the various ways to survive while stranded in the bush or the mountains or at sea…..Just what might I need?


“You’ve all seen it. Hollywood makes films of a plane crash or shipwreck that cause only one or a few survivors to end up on a deserted island. He or she– the main character– frantically panics at first, maybe even screaming. Then a few months go by, the camera cuts back to him or her, and now this person is an advanced survivalist with a wide variety of skills and gear.”

Starting Fires Without Matches




Have you been watching those “survival” shows on TV, see how they struggle trying to light a fire in the wilderness, Their very life could depend a fire to stay warm, cook food or to ward of wild animals….


“Fire is one of the most essential tools that humans have, but what do we do when we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have matches or a lighter?”

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Survival Mom’s Top News Stories of 2014


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Be sure to check out the top 10 lessens provided in the following article on the survival mom web site….

“It wasn’t your imagination. Earthquakes around the world were some of the top stories in 2014. In fact, there were more than twice as many large earthquakes, those measuring 7.0 and above, in just the first quarter of 2014 when compared with the average over the past 35 years.”

Important Street Survival Techniques


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“Urban Survival Techniques

An essential to surviving a disaster is a bugout (BOB) bag. The typical bag, a backpack or similar bag, usually contains things like radios, water bottles, water purification tablets, energy bars, first aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, and matches or a lighter.”


Consumers urged to watch out for

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Believe it or not – there are are websites selling fake survival goods, be aware…..

“My friend showed me a website off a Facebook page and we thought it was legitimate,” Lake said. “I purchased a pair of Ugg boots for my friend in November, and a few days later, I decided to get another pair for my other friend.”