Operate a Successful Gunsmithing Business

Gunsmithing could be your ticket to survival!

Being prepared for surviving in place, off of the “grid” during a long term crisis, will depend upon you having certain skills – the handling of guns as well as repairing could be one of those skills.

Probably high on the ladder of skills will be the ability to not only handle firearms proficiently, but if you have the knowledge, skills and the tools for maintaining firearms and perhaps making precision weapons, you will be welcomed into most any survival group.


gunsmithing shop USMC Precision Weapons Section
gunsmithing ability during a long term crisis, requiring surviving in place with a group, is a much desired skill.


The American Gunsmithing Institute is a good place to start, with loads of educational videos, FAQ’s and e-lessons, this would be a good place to begin.

American Gunsmithing

According to the Guns America, there is a warning to all gun bloggers and forums concerning “Bloomberg Shills”

The Guns America blog has some interesting posts concerning guns and gunsmithing

Guns America blog


In our “survivalist” Merchandise List, you will find more information concerning gunsmithing

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Lasagna Gardens, Worm Beds, and Other Fun Spring Prepper Projects

Lasagna Gardens, Worm Beds, and Other Fun Spring Prepper Projects


make a lasagna garden on top of sod and weeds, a fun prepper project
How to beat the undergrowth on your land and produce a garden for survival with this prepper project


Spring is here and if you are a prepper and worried about the coming  food inflation, then it is time for some planning.

Survival Diva shares her crash course for producing a garden on top of sod and weeds.

Learn how to prepare your ground for planting without cultivating or puling weeds. Learn about the ingredients and how they are layered for the best combination for good rich soil for planting.

There is a list items found in the kitchen for use as a layer along with other outdoor vegetation.

The article also talks about earth worms, the best type of worms and why. There are instructions how to make a worm farm

If you are lucky enough to have land to plant a good sized garden on, but you are no mood for soil tilling, check out this article by Survive the Coming Collapse.


Survive the Coming Collapse


Survival metal work with gas welding

Are you skilled at gas welding?

Learn about gas welding to join a survival group
Gas Welding is an important addition to a survival group


I am not a welder and have no knowledge of the gases used, nor do I know anything about electric welding – but I do know that having welding skills will be an important addition to a group gathered together for survival.

During a major catastrophe, economic melt down or just a need to  “bug out”, survival skills pertaining to welding, along with other skills,  will make you valuable to most any group looking for a mixture of complimentary talents.

Most everyone has some experience with cooking, minor medical first aid, cleaning  and some gun handling.

But not many are able to handle gas welding of much needed metal fences, buildings, gates or defense  structures, etc. Having the equipment, skill and knowledge of gases will make you a much desired addition any survival group.





There are some good welding videos on this YouTube Channel, by “Make Money Welding” I have not watched them, but I believe most videos are about gas welding.


The At Home Welder website has a good library and articles of “welding tips and tricks for the beginner welder and hobbyist”

It would be nice if you would leave a helpful comment about welding techniques for gas welding along with some of your favorite welding web sites.


The Great Depression II – Child’s Play?

Will Great Depression II Make The First One Look Like Child’s Play?


Compare the Great Depression II with the depression of the 1930's
The coming worldwide great depression – could it be worse than the 1930’s?



The Great depression of the 1930’s is only history now, and there are not many alive today to tell about it. It was worldwide and devastating, many people suffered and died.

But, if you have been smart and brave enough to be following the news, then you are ahead of most, you can see the world economy is following the same course leading up the Great Depression.

But have you prepared for the collapse?

A good many people living in the early 1900’s, out of necessity, had learned the art of surviving hard times. They made everything last, tools, clothing, their automobiles and tractors and they preserved food.

Today, most people living in the city have very little talent for any kind of preparing for future harsh times. They are deep in debt ,and  their food and water supplies on hand will last maybe only a day or two. They are accustomed to relying on the supermarket for their needs, but, those supermarkets at best keep only a few days of stock on the shelves. In a grid down situation, if you are lucky enough, you may be able to buy some items.

Keep this in mind, coming out of that supermarket with a basket full of supplies could be very tempting to others less fortunate than you. There is the possibility of the authorities waiting for those they believe are hoarding food and confiscating what you have. Remember, police have families they need to provide for.

To get a better view of today’s coming Great Depression and how others are preparing for it, read this article by David Morris and Survival Deva.


Will Great Depression II Make The First One Look Like Child’s Play?