Essentials for Survival – Food and Water : First – short term

Essentials for Survival – Food and Water


Why Food and water essentials for survivaleason for prepping. and how it may affect your future.
Food and water are some essentials for survival when SHTF?

As important as food is to survival, knowing what kinds of food to store and how to store that food for short, intermediate and long-term, is vitally an important part of any essentials for survival plan.

In this post, we will explore short-term food selection and water storage.

When I first started looking for survival ways and means, my first inclination was to purchase one of those “72- hour bug out bags” that you often see advertised on many website these days.

Well, I almost bought into the idea of a “72- hour bug out bag” without giving it considerable thought and doing a little research.

I am not advocating against the “72- hour bug out bag”, it might fit into your SHTF plan, but not our plan since my wife and I are in our 70’s and live in a less populated area, which affords a little more safety then a large or even a small city. Plus, we would not survive long living off the land, neither my wife or myself have the training for it.

So, we have prepared to “survive in place”, which includes stocking up, short-term, intermediate and long-term.

It took me awhile to make the decision to stay in place in the event of economic collapse or any other event with only a few exceptions.  The only thing which may cause us to move from our little home might be a chemical disaster – but that would be only temporary since we live in a high wind area. Our small village could flood, but we live much higher than the town.

Consider these possibilities:

What are the emergency circumstances that may arise in your area like flooding, chemical spills, earthquake, economic collapse, gang activity, martial law, major fire – forest or otherwise, etc?

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Surviving Winter: Wood Heat & Cook Stoves

Surviving Winter with a wood stove for heat and cooking

When SHTF, how will you be surviving winter
wood heat and cook stove – how will you be surviving winter when SHTF?

This news letter courtesy  of:

Survive the coming

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It’s Survival Diva on a mission to make sure none of us becomes frozen, flesh-eating popsicles when winter comes post SHTF. When it comes to prepping, I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing appliances that run off a renewable fuel source, but just recently I discovered some of us might not be given a choice!

Just after Obama’s re-election, the EPA announced new restrictions on soot produced by industry smokestacks, diesel trucks and even ordinary sources like wood-burning stoves. The new standard reduces the legal limit for airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms per cubic meter of air to 12 micrograms, which threatens the use of some woodstoves. If you are in the market for a wood stove, the news won’t be as devastating. You’ll be able to look for a model that meets this stringent standard. But if you, like multitudes of others, are using a wood stove that doesn’t adhere to this new regulation, it may cost you.

Let’s hope clearer heads prevail, and people who are barely scraping by—99% of the populace–will be allowed to heat our homes.

At the moment, most of us depend upon electricity or natural gas for heating and cooking. Those living rurally may use propane. There’s an intrinsic problem when depending on any of these sources. If the grid crashes, so may your ability to cook or heat your home.

In the case of propane, you will have a bit of wriggle room, but even then eventually the propane tank will empty and where will you turn?  For some, it may mean cooking over an open fire pit. That’s not ideal when hungry neighbors will be following the tantalizing smell of beans right to your front door.

The Reality of Propane

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Food Storage – What are your reasons – or not?

Food Storage is important in this economy:

Why food storage is a good reason for prepping. and how it may affect your future.
Is food storage in the plans when SHTF?

I am married to a wonderful wife of more than 30 years, we have had many ups and downs, disagreements and heated arguments, food storage being one of these discussions – and we have both been very frustrated at times.

Well, when I decided in 2009 to begin a food storage regimen, she was happy I had made that decision – to a point – she did not agree with me why we needed to store food. She just could not believe that anything more than inflation would be the problem – so, when we talked about the economy possibly collapsing and people losing their homes and going hungry and looking for “other peoples’ food to eat, well, she thought I was “fear mongering“.

With that being said – she is happy having the food, but, she just does not want to talk about it!

I fully believed our country was heading in the wrong direction economically and that inflation would be setting in going forward. Since I had started storing food early on, the prices have risen greatly since then. Fortunately, I started early enough to acquire a pretty good supply of canned goods, bottled water, and some rice, beans and powdered milk.

There are many different reasons why some people will not store food, some are like my wife who says “I cannot live daily in fear”, my opinion is that if you are somewhat prepared, that alone should eliminate much fear. Of course not all potential situations can be foreseen.

Churches do what they can to help in emergency situations, but they are limited by their own supply, and I believe that the people in charge of that food will be sure that they and their families are cared for first – in my opinion,  it is only right.

Then there are the people that believe they have a right to other peoples food, like the child who will move in with their parents, or, the parents who will move in with their children.

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