In addition to food – another first priority – water

Water, very important:

When in a survival situation, here are some points of interest.

Check your urine, the darker the color, the more dehydrated you are. Until you have secured a good source of water, avoid eating. When you do find water, do not ration it, drink as much as you can.

The search for water

Finding water in the cool of the morning is better, bacteria multiplies slower than in a warmer climate

Emergency Medical Supplies for when the SHTF

medical supplies

A good look at what may be good for a starter medical supplies kit.

First off I am not in any way trained in the medical profession – you will need to do your own research for emergency medical supplies, based upon your doctor’s recommendations, your particular situation, the needs of your family and the conditions under which you will be forced to live. And for how long you may be required to live under those conditions.

There are some good videos on You Tube by “preppers” with descriptions of their personal medical “bug-out-bags”, along with comments.

This can be complicated since each person will want to customize his own medical set up, it will be even more complicated if there are family members.

But, there are basic items needed no matter what your situation may be. I will list some of these below.

What are the circumstances? In my case, chances are, since I live with my wife in a small Montana town, we will more than likely remain in place for most emergencies. Our home is here, we are in our 70’s and we are close to a hospital.

Civil and monetary collapse will most likely be felt in the large cities way before we will see it here. That will give us time to gather our wits and proceed prudently.

But regardless of  where you live there are basic medical supplies that you will need for emergency purposes, lets get into a list.

Bandages – Gauze – Compression – Tape
Surgical Kit and Gloves
Steri-Strip Elastic Skin Closures
Cold Remedies
Dust Mask
Good Eye Protection
Protective Air-way Mask
Quikclot Clotting Sponge
Burn Creams

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