What are 4 basic emergency supplies?

What are 4 basic emergency supplies?

In case of a disaster emergency and/or a civil or economic breakdown, there are 4 major needs for survival – food, water, medical supplies and shelter.

“Survival is merely a question
of knowing where the dangers
are and how to recognize them,
and how to take advantage of
the resources offered by the country.”
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

How to Stay Alive in the Woods: A Complete Guide to Food, Shelter and Self-Preservation Anywhere

Emergency food and water are at the top of my list to have stored away. Others may opt for guns and bullets – very important, but I would think that a gun and bullets would be on or near your person at all times and will travel with you nearly everywhere you go.

Silver and Gold – of lesser importance since food and water may be more valuable over time. Paper money will be of little use.

So, I will start this little research journey by finding the best information I can concerning emergency food supplies.

Food Supplies and Storage

Food, probably the most important, at this time is plentiful most everywhere you go in the US. But, that could change over night.

The Wall Street Occupiers were trying to shut down all of the west coast shipping ports this summer and late fall, causing shipping to be re-routed to other ports. They may have been trying the same on the east coast.

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