Is society as we know it coming to an end? Are you prepared?

Since 2008, I have felt that the future of the United States and its people are on a road to losing the freedom we are so accustomed to.

Now, in 2013, the FED is still printing money and it appears our credit standing with China is growing thin, inflation is getting more damaging to the people of our country and there is a good possibility of  riots in the larger cities.

FEMA has been buying millions of rounds of ammunition and a multitude of guns while the government is trying to pass gun control. If the government  is able to disarm the American people, we the citizens, will not only be unable to protect ourselves from harm by our neighbors, but the government will be unstoppable in fostering its agenda on us.

Therefore it has been my belief and still is, that being prepared for civil unrest, social collapse, hyper-inflation or any other unforeseen catastrophe  is in order.

There is new program on the History Channel,

“Big Rig Bounty Hunters”.  

(Quote below from the website)

“Every year, thousands of trucks carrying valuable cargo across America go missing.  These big rigs have to be hunted down and hauled in or the trucking companies pay the price. Vital to our nation’s economy, the United States depends on these trucks to deliver the goods.”

Can you image that?

What would happen to your community, and neighborhood, if all of a sudden your local grocery store ran out of its 3-4 day supply of goods and the big rigs had either been hijacked or blocked and were unable to re-supply the store. You know that the shelves would empty in a short amount of time and in some areas, gangs could be waiting outside in the parking lot, not to mention police needing goods for their own families. If you live in a big city, watch out.

If you are prepared, say for at least 3 to 5 weeks, for survival under difficult social or emergency conditions, you will not need to place yourself  in “harms way” by venturing out looking for food, water, gasoline and medication. Of course, if your neighbors know that you have been preparing for an emergency and they have not, you may need to have armed yourself as well.

At this time, it appears only about 2 million people in the US have opted to prepare to survive, on their own, for an extended period of time.

That means, there are a lot of people who will be looking for food, water, drugs, guns and ammunition and gas, anyway they can get it.

In spite of the present US and world economic and political situation, it is not too late to start preparing, when you do your weekly or monthly grocery shopping, pick up an extra can of conned meat, or vegetables, or fruit. You do not need a can of beer or a bottle of wine (however – alcoholic beverages could come in handy for bartering as well as cigarettes)

A check list for surviving economic and political emergencies